Demi Lovato was in a ‘walking coma’ after near-fatal overdose
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 15
Demi Lovato has reflected on the aftermath of her 2018 overdose (Picture: Richie Buxo/Shutterstock)

felt like she was in a ‘walking coma’ in the aftermath of her near-fatal overdose.

The Skyscraper hitmaker has reflected on her attempts to be ‘California sober’ – which is a common way to describe someone using cannabis while avoiding other drugs – after her struggles with her past heroin addiction .

Three years later, she said she was ‘smoking weed and drinking in moderation’ amid her recovery, but she now accepts it wasn’t the best plan of action.

‘I had to learn it on my own,’ she said on The Howard Stern Show, noting she was ‘smoking so much weed and taking edibles, sometimes 300mg at a time’.

She added: ‘All I did was replace my addiction with something I thought was safer.’

She was also struggling with weight gain, and Demi felt a ‘profound sadness’ amid a ‘deep ’.

Demi is still suffering effects of the overdose (Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

She explained: ‘I was hiding in my room, not wanting to go outside because I didn’t want anyone to see me.

‘I wasn’t experiencing life. I ultimately was in this walking coma, where I wasn’t feeling any pain but I also wasn’t feeling any joy.’

In late 2021, and went into rehab, while telling her Instagram followers that ‘sober sober is the only way’.

Now, the 31-year-old star acknowledged: ‘Smoking and drinking led me back to other substances. Abstinence has been the key for me.’

She also reflected on how she is ‘still’ battling effects of her overdose, including ‘vision problems’ which mean she doesn’t drive anymore due to ‘blind spots in [her] vision’.

However, rather than dwelling on the past, Demi tries to ‘stay in the present moment’ instead of punishing herself for past mistakes.

Reflecting on times she’s asked about ‘having ‘any regrets in life’, she said: ‘A lot of times I start to answer like, “Yeah, I wish I didn’t overdose because it I have hearing impairment, I have vision impairment and that was just an awful thing to put my family and friends through.”

‘But I also have to remember the importance of not living in the past and not having regrets for things.’