Big Brother fans ‘screaming’ as two housemates finally kiss
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 24

The ongoing love triangle between three stars has had the nation gripped.

Jordan, 25,and Henry, also 25, have grown incredibly close, spending much of their time together in the house and providing

However, Jordan threw a spanner in the works after revealing his attraction to Matty – – and it’s been a wild ride ever since!

In tonight’s episode, Jordan is seen cosying up to Henry in bed before kissing him on the lips, and fans are losing their minds.

Their attraction to each other is also a big topic of conversation as Jenkin says to Hallie: ‘Do you reckon them two would be a cute couple?’

‘I’ve always thought that you know!’ she responds.

Jordan admitted he had a crush on another housemate Matty(Picture: ITV / Big Brother)
Henry wasn’t too happy about their closeness (Picture: ITV)

When Tom approaches, they ask him what he thinks about a possible romance between Jordan and Henry, replying: ‘I don’t know…. It would be cool if they were!’

The countdown to 9pm hasn’t been so strong, with one fan writing: ‘HENRY AND JORDAN KISS OMG.’

Another wondered: ‘Maybe the kiss is the reason why matty and jordan werent talking on last nights livestream jordan is getting over matty and is realising that maybe he actually like henry instead.’

During Friday’s episode, Jordan tried to articulate his feelings, saying that, he then went and tucked Matty into bed, cuddled his teddy bear, and sweetly patted him on the face before saying goodnight.

Naturally, BB fans were intrigued by the plot, especially as Henry wasn’t quite aware yet that Jordan is developing feelings for someone who… isn’t him.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: ‘Jordan tucking Matty in? This man is too far gone.’

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What does this mean? (Picture:: Shutterstock for Big Brother)

‘Jordan’s got feelings for Matty… things just got more interesting’, wrote another.

‘I’ve just spent the past 2 weeks shipping Jordan and Henry for Jordan to like Matty?! I’m done’, a third added.


‘I voted for Henry to be evicted but if this Jordan and Matty situation is going to develop its probably for the best he doesn’t go anywhere yet…. could be juicy viewing’, another teased, 

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.