00s popstar undergoing nose surgery after it collapsed due to drugs
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 26, 2023 - 08:59PM
Kerry Katona never ‘fixed’ her nose to serve as a reminder of the perils of drug use (Picture: Instagram)

has revealed she is having surgery to correct her nose, which was damaged during her .

The , who said she took class As for with her mum and has now been clean for 15 years, was informed her nose was ‘collapsing’ by a doctor from Pall Mall Cosmetics.

Kerry said she had previously turned down surgery as a reminder to ‘never touch drugs again’ but given she has made a ‘massive 360’ on her life has decided to get it ‘fixed’ to celebrate her sobriety.

Speaking about the consultation, the said on Instagram: ‘[The doctor] went, “Your nose is collapsing.” So I have damaged my nose from doing drugs.’

‘I was offered to get it fixed years ago, and I said no because for me it was a reminder never to touch it [drugs] again.

‘So he said, “Do you want us to fix it for you? And I started crying because it was a massive 360 of where I was to where I am now. And I think, “Wow wow wow, yes, Ok I’ll get it fixed.”

Kerry soared to fame in girlband Atomic Kitten (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)
Kerry said she was having nasal surgery to celebrate her sobriety (Picture: Getty)
Kerry said she ‘wouldn’t still be here’ if it wasn’t for her children (Picture: Instagram)

‘Obviously, I don’t do drugs anymore, I’ve turned my life around and I’m very proud of myself. We all make mistakes and I think this is a reward for me but I’m scared.’

The Celebrity Big Brother star said she was ‘blessed to be alive’ after overdosing twice, adding: ‘I shouldn’t be here. I should be dead. If it wasn’t for my kids I think I would be.’ 

The former popstar has, Molly, 21, and Lily, 20, Heidi Elizabeth, 16, and Maxwell Mark, 15, with taxi driver Mark Croft and Dylan-Jorge, nine, with late rugby player George Kay.

It echoes previous comments she made in a 2021 interview in which she said she ‘literally died’ taking cocaine but believed guardian angels kept her alive. 

She said: ‘The amount of coke I was once doing, I literally died. I remember coming back [from the brink of death] with these beautiful figures around me and I felt so much love – that happened to me twice.’

Kerry’s former drug abuse came to light in 2009 after she was pictured snorting cocaine, which resulted in her losing her contract with supermarket chain Iceland.

Kerry is also devoted to working out and healthy living (Picture: Instagram)

Having now turned a corner, Kerry has also overhauled her fitness and has been devoted to regular intense workouts for months now, regularly exercise routines to Instagram as she determines to work on her health.

In October, six months after sharing her first workout on the app, she shared her progress  from her holiday in .

Beaming with pride as she showed off her toned body in the mirror, Kerry wrote: ‘It’s getting there … did another great workout this morning.’

Kerry was previously in a relationship with Westlife’s Brian (Picture: Getty Images)

She urged: ‘Come people let’s kick some a**e! Who’s with me??’

As well as Instagram, Kerry posts on X-rated photo-sharing website On***ans, which she joined during the pandemic and has earned her ‘millions.’

She recently shared that, before joining On***ans during lockdown, she was so ‘skint’ she was forced to sell her wedding presents from her marriage to Brian.

After finding herself struggling to pay rent, she decided to join the racy site – or in her words, thought: ‘Do you know what, let’s get my t**s out,’ telling The Sun it was ‘the best thing I ever did.’