A Place in the Sun presenter Danni Menzies reveals shocking facial injuries after being hit by moped travelling 30mph
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 10, 2022 - 10:24PM
She has been left ‘shaken’ and supposedly scared to leave her house (Picture: Instagram/Danni Menzies)

star Danni Menzies has revealed the shocking facial injuries she suffered after being hit by a moped.

The TV presenter, 35, is now suffering from post-traumatic vertigo after the stolen moped hit her while travelling at 30mph.

She was rushed to hospital this month following the collision, which involved two females losing control of a moped parked by its owner as they delivered a package.

Danni – who started hosting A Place in the Sun in 2016 – was leaving a newsagent close to where she lives in Battersea, when the incident occurred, before she was flung from the pavement and left unconscious on the ground.

Photos from the scene of the accident show the horrific extent of her injuries, as her face was subsequently covered in cuts and bruises.

One photo of the TV star shows her lying on a stretcher wearing a hospital gown, with her neck and particularly right side of her face bloody.

Dani was hit by a moped travelling 30mph while leaving a newsagent near where she lives (Picture: Instagram)

Another snap, taken shortly after the accident, shows Danni kneeling on the pavement while a helpful stranger offered her a tissue, as her blonde hair was also full of blood.

Danni shared news of the accident with her followers last week, admitting it that recovery would not be a speedy process.

Sharing an image of the moped, she wrote on her Instagram Story: ‘So, on Saturday I was taken out (on the pavement!) by a stolen moped that lost control.

‘Didn’t see it coming and it’s not looking pretty right now to be honest.

The TV star was rushed to hospital with cuts to her face and neck (Picture: Danni Menzies)
Danni was helped by a stranger as her hair and face were covered in blood (Picture: Danni Menzies)

‘I’m sure I will be fine in a few weeks but in the meantime, I might be a wee bit quiet on here.’ 

A spokesperson for the Scottish star since confirmed her injuries to .

‘Earlier this month, Danni was hit by a stolen moped that got out of control,’ they said.

‘She was knocked unconscious and suffered significant facial wounds. She is recuperating at home and resting until the concussion subsides.’

A source close to Danni also told the publication that she had a ‘truly horrible experience,’ explaining that she is still ‘in shock’ and ‘fearful to leave the house.’

The Scottish star shared news of the accident with her followers last week (Picture: Instagram)
The presenter recently announced she would be stepping down from A Place in the Sun (Picture: Instagram)

The insider added that Danni’s mum is by her side for support following the ‘scary ordeal.’

‘All she hopes now is to regain her confidence, take time offline to recover, and for her facial wounds to completely heal.’

Danni has hosted the Channel 4 show A Place in the Sun for the past six years, helping couples find their dream home abroad.

Earlier this year, she confirmed that she will be stepping away from her hosting role to focus on projects closer to home.

Reps for Danni Menzies have been contacted for comment.