According To ‘Who’s greater, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?’
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are two of the most well-known actors in the world, and due to their long filmographies and attractive looks, comparisons between the two have become commonplace. The same thing happened over the weekend when a random Twitter user established a poll asking social media users which of the two was better.

Because both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have large fan bases at home and overseas, the debate on Twitter devolved into mayhem as followers fought over who was the best. While many ogled Brad Pitt’s Greek god looks, others couldn’t get enough of Tom Cruise’s cuteness. Many people on Twitter argued about who was a star and who was an actor in the two Hollywood megastars.

Tom Cruise vs. Brad Pitt

Tom Cruise vs. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have carved out their own paths to the top by pursuing films that they have always been passionate about. While Pitt preferred thrillers, Cruise preferred action films, which worked out nicely for both stars. Pitt may have won more accolades, but Cruise certainly understands how to make money at the box office, both domestically and internationally.

Brad Pitt rose to prominence in Hollywood with films such as ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ and its sequels ‘Ocean’s Twelve,’ and ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ as well as ‘Seven,’ ‘Troy,’ ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ ‘World War Z,’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’ Cruise, on the other hand, ascended to the kingdom with films such as ‘Risky Business,’ ‘Top Gun,’ ‘The Color of Money,’ ‘Rain Man,’ The Mummy,’ and the most recent ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ among many others.

Despite the fact that die-hard movie fans usually want them to share screen time, they did collaborate in the 1994 film ‘Interview with the Vampire.’ Both of them had their quarrels. “You have to realize, Tom and I are…,” Pitt said in a 1995 interview with Premiere magazine. We’re walking in opposite ways. North Pole is his name. I’m from the south. He’s approaching you with a handshake, and I may or may not run into you, you know?” “I always believed there was this underlying competition that came in the way of any actual discourse,” he continued, “and it wasn’t hostile by any means, not at all.” But it was simply there, and it bothered me. But I’ll tell you what, he gets a lot of s**t because he’s on top, but he’s a fantastic actor, and he progresses through the movie. He was the one who pulled it off. “You have to respect that,” he says.

‘Brad Pitt is stunning. Tom is a cute guy.’

Fans of both stars flocked to Twitter to express their thoughts, with one user saying, “Y’all really going to invite Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?” Brad Pitt is a phenomenal actor. Tom Cruise repeatedly portrays the same character. Brad Pitt became sober after realizing he had a problem. Tom Cruise refuses to acknowledge Scientology’s crimes. “In addition to that.”

“You’re joking right?” remarked another. Tom Cruise, I believe, is vying for “top alien” in a massive cult that is wreaking irrevocable havoc on people all over the world. Scientology. While Brad Pitt is a multidimensional performer, a recovering addict, and, let’s face it…beautifully gorgeous,” “Brad Pitt is stunning,” said another. Tom is a bit of a cutie.”

“Brad Pitt is a REAL actor, while Tom Cruise has a Sociopath for a closest buddy,” said the next. Watch the little “working ants” clad in what appear to be antique band uniforms scurry back and forth to their classes in downtown Clearwater, Florida…CREEPY!”

“You know what Brad Pitt has that Tom Cruise doesn’t?” said another. a good sense of humor” “Brad Pitt,” one user said. Once again, it’s actor vs. movie star. Brad started out as a movie star and went on to become a very excellent actor (just look at “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”), whereas Tom has always been and will continue to be a movie star. Furthermore, Tom is a Scientologist, and his interviews on the issue are bizarre.”

“The only choice, IMO, is Brad Pitt, a multi-faceted actor,” one person concluded. Tom Cruise couldn’t act his way out of a bag—in every role, he’s just Tom Cruise. I gave up seeing his films a long time ago.”