AdrianahLee’s sexual harassment claims resurface amid Twitch mega drama
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 22
The alleged incident happened about two years ago (pic: Twitch)

Allegations of sexual assault amongst major stars have resurfaced on social media, following the fallout from the recent gambling ban. 

Only a few days ago streamer ItsSliker admitted he has a gambling addiction after getting exposed for owing over $200,000 (£176,400) to other streamers and even some of his viewers. 

This reignited the debate around whether streaming gambling content should be allowed and whether it’s ethical for streamers to get sponsored from online casinos.  

Many streamers, including , questioned why Twitch hasn’t banned ItsSliker yet, through a post on Twitter.

After this, Trainwreck accused Asmongold and some of his fellow One True King (OTK) members, primarily Mizkif, of using the issue as an opportunity to come after gambling on Twitch and as a personal vendetta against him.

Since then, Twitch has announced it will such as slots, roulette, and dice games in a bid to protect the community.  

The trio has often argued with one another on social media, as Mizkif and Asmongold are opposed to gambling streams, whereas Trainwreck’s content almost entirely revolves around it. 

Mizkif jumped right into the argument and in a now-deleted tweet said: ‘If we’re going to deplatform people … shouldn’t we have banned you for Jolt Coin a few years back?’ 

Mizkif’s now-deleted tweet (pic: Twitter)

This is a reference to Trainwreck promoting a seemingly worthless cryptocurrency called Jolt Coin a few years ago. 

Trainwreck was also recently caught in the middle of an involving two Twitch employees.

As the back and forth between the two streamers continued, Trainwreck accused Mizkif and his ex-girlfriend, and fellow streamer, Maya Higa of covering up numerous sexual assaults. 

AdrianahLee’s sexual harassment allegations

One of the incidents involves streamer AdrianahLee and Mizkif and Maya’s friend CrazySlick – who’s also a streamer – which she claims happened in January 2020. 

According to AdrianahLee, CrazySlick followed her around trying to kiss her and was seen touching her chest and neck after she’d passed out. She was then told that he did it because he was concerned for her and wanted to check if she was alive. She also said CrazySlick made her ‘feel uncomfortable.’ 

She posted about the incident on Twitter, a year after it happened, though she claims that her post is a ‘dilluted version of the story.’ 

During a Twitch stream on September 19, AdrianahLee also claimed that she was prompted to edit her claims by several people, including Maya, to put CrazySlick in a more favourable light and downplay the whole situation. 

She said she wasn’t sure whether it was Mizkif who put Maya up to the task, as they were a couple at the time and close friends with CrazySlick, or if she acted on her own accord.  

In the same livestream, AdrianahLee also shared a clip of Mizkif where he appears to be brushing the incident off as ‘sexual harassment at a low scale’ and ‘not really a big deal.’ 

She also thanked Trainwreck for bringing the situation back into the spotlight because she felt like she couldn’t do it herself.  

‘I’m just glad that somebody bigger is expressing this because obviously, I couldn’t tell the truth. I couldn’t talk about it for a long time.’ 

‘Train has always been very supportive and nice to me. I really appreciate that. He reached out to me when he first heard about it. He’s always been a very good friend. I appreciate it more than he’ll ever know,’ AdrianahLee said. 

Mizkif, Maya and CrazySlick’s responses

Mizkif has since publicly addressed his followers and apologised for the situation. In a long statement posted on Twitter, he said:  

‘After hearing from Adrianah and the numerous other women who have shared their experiences with him, it’s clear that he is not the person he made himself out to be.’ 
‘In terms of his living situation, Slick has been told to vacate our house as soon as possible.’ 

‘I am sorry to everyone affected by this situation. I made bad judgement calls based on what I was led to believe, and I deeply regret it.’ 

pic: TwitLonger

Mizkif also said that OTK – a gaming organisation formed by Mizkif and Asmongold among others – has contracted a third party organisation to investigate the claims and that he will be taking a leave of absence for the time being. 

On the other hand, Maya Higa has denied claims she played any role in intentionally pressuring AdrianahLee to leave parts out of her statement.  

During her own stream, Maya said that a lot of people think she told AdrianahLee not to say anything, which she ‘doesn’t believe is the case.’ 

Besides that, Maya said AdrianahLee wrote the entire statement herself and showed her after. She also apologised for ‘injecting’ herself into the situation and said she’d talk to AdrianahLee off stream. 

‘I will talk to Adrianah off stream about this as well. I’m sorry about what’s happened because of it,’ Maya said. 

CrazySlick also responded to accusations made by Trainwreck, denying it happened and threatening legal action before deleting his Twitter statement as well as his social media accounts.

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