AEW star Orange Cassidy fires back at critics of unique style in rare candid moment: ‘Shut up!’
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 27
Orange Cassidy ‘talked too much for the first time’ in our interview (Picture: AEW)

Orange Cassidy is typically a man of few words, but he’s rubbished critics of his uniquely lethargic wrestling style.

The AEW International Champion, who will be part of the Stadium Stampede match when this weekend, admitted he was ‘talking too much for the first time ever’ as he got candid before the biggest night of his career.

Reflecting on pushback from stars over his unique style compared to acceptance from legends like Sting, he exclusively told ‘It’s Sting! He’s the man! It’s people like that, you understand why they have longevity, and why people respect them, why they’re legends.

‘They understand. For the people that don’t understand, “Oh, it’s Orange Cassidy” – come on! Shut up! You know what this is.’

Cassidy grew up a massive wrestling fan, and was entranced by as he looked at the most adult, hardcore style of wrestling and thought it was something he could get involved.

I’d watch that and I’d be like, I can do that! I wanna do that! It just hit me like, I could do this type of style! “Cool people smoking cigarettes,”‘ he laughed. ‘I don’t smoke cigarettes, but when I was a kid I thought that was badass! Whatever!’

OC is known for his more lethargic attitude (Picture: AEW)

The hugely popular star has proven his talent throughout his impressive run with the International Title, taking on a wide variety of opponents with so many different styles of wrestling.

‘I do have a lot to show. I do know a lot. I think I do – I shouldn’t sound so arrogant, but I know some things,’ he said. ‘I like the idea where the next person I have to defend against, can’t get a grasp on it.

‘”He can’t do lucha”. Well, maybe I can! “Are you technical?” I don’t know, maybe! I think it’s because I can adapt to other people and their styles.’

OC can hang with the best in the world (Picture: AEW)

Despite his impressive run, Cassidy admitted he still gets pushback against his style, with people making ‘kneejerk’ judgements based on social media clips rather than taking in the whole picture.

‘I’m not the biggest guy in the world, I’m not the tallest guy in the world. I can do some things, but I wanted to be myself and stand out,’ he explained. ‘I feel like in professional wrestling today, it’s very hard to stand out and be different.’

What OC has created is something uniquely his own, from wrestling with his hands in his pockets to his shrugs in the ring – and it’s something he’ll continue to embrace.

‘I take pride in people not being able to compare me to anybody,’ he admitted. ‘”Oh that’s like a young so and so, or that reminds me of blah blah blah”. You can’t say that about me. And I think that’s difficult!

‘Any time you try to take something to another level or another step, you’re gonna get pushback. I was aware of that, but I’m not gonna stop!’

He laughed: ‘I’m gonna do what I do!’

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