After 15 years of dating, Love Island narrator Eoghan McDermott and girlfriend Aoife Melia broke up.
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 26

Eoghan McDermott, a previous Love Island Australia narrator, has stated that he and his longterm fiancée had broken up.
His ex-girlfriend Dr. Aoife Melia has since refrained from speaking about the breakup with the public or the media. Despite her reputation as a quiet person, the doctor’s revelation about the split had everyone talking. Thousands of Eoghan’s followers and fans who are familiar with him were shocked to learn of this couple’s split.

Aoife Melia, who is in her 30s, has a successful career

One of the well-known cosmetic surgeons in Ireland is said to be Dr. Aoife Melia. The experienced doctor is in her 30s, the same age as her ex-boyfriend.

Since his birth on April 15, 1983, in Limerick, Ireland, McDermott has aged 39.

Aoife also attracted a lot of attention during their time together since she knew a popular TV personality in Australia and Ireland.
Additionally, her faithful partner often shared photos of them together on social media.

As a result, details about her history and personal life have often been searched online. Melia is a strong, independent lady who has been crushing her medical career.

Sadly, given the recent news of her breakup with her fiancé of five years, the same cannot be said about her romantic life.

A year ago, Eoghan McDermott and Dr. Aoife Melia ended their relationship

Eoghan McDermott said that their longtime love had broken up around 18 months prior to the news of their separation breaking yesterday.

Her reveals that the 2fm Breakfast Show DJ further said that he and Aoife initially met fifteen years ago via his Instagram tales.

During that time, their romance blossomed for the first time but had already failed once. Seven years after their first separation, the two rekindled their romance in 2016.

The Love Island narrator has once again admitted that his breakup from his longtime love has been devastating and life-altering for him in recent months.

The two are said to have parted up in the past, but the claims were unfounded. But after three public accounts from Eoghan, he has now come clean about their separation.

In the wake of accusations against him, Eoghan McDermott and Aoife Melia split

The reason was then revealed to be related to sexual misconduct claims against him by an undisclosed complainant. The Irish presenter was charged with dating the alleged victim when she was a child. Eoghan had taken a break from his job and social media with such a brief call.

The alleged host has made a decision to defend themselves as of March 2022. The accusing party’s admission of the claims’ falsity is confirmed by Independent Ireland.

Eoghan has also spoken a little bit about this incident’s effects on his life on social media.
Therefore, it is certain that he chose to end his connection with Aoife since it may have a negative impact on her life. He told her that she is faultless and wished her luck in life.