Amouranth pulls in a huge Twitch audience for first Streamer Royale
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30

, streamer and ‘e-girl’ has begun to change course in her career, with the Streamer Royale being her first major venture. 

After announcing that and investing more into productions for Twitch, Amouranth has finally begun to pull the trigger on the plan just a few days before her departure from the lewd website. 

The was a five-hour live event featuring multiple personalities from Twitch and YouTube, pitting them against each other in various events to see who would come out on top. It gives a great insight into Amouranth’s plans for her investment in productions for the future. 

Meowri, a streamer in the same vein as Amouranth, came out on top, besting the likes of MoistCr1tikal and Alinity. She helped bring in a viewership of over 25,000 concurrent viewers throughout the event. 

At the top of the event, Amouranth’s commentators for Streamer Royale did point out that none of the participants actually knew what was going to happen during the day. Some suspected gaming-centric activities, but it was actually more in line with a Total Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle scenario. 

Contestants took part in things like Gladiator’s ‘duel’, where two big cushioned sticks are given to the streamers to knock each other down as fast as possible.

There were also other games like finding flags in a big inflatable covered in bubbles, a direct reference to Amouranth’s hot tub streams. 

While the event was certainly different from other streamer focused competitions happening that weekend, it did bring in a with very few drops during the stream. 

Streamer Royale was, oddly, sponsored by Fansly, a direct competitor to Amouranth’s main moneymaker, . Despite saying she’s leaving the adult content world behind in June, this hasn’t stopped her from using other brands to further her own.

Some streamers like xQc didn’t show, but the response has been very positive and looks to be the right step forward in Amouranth’s larger-scale plan.

Exactly why xQc ended up being a no-show, despite being invited, is not clear but he was playing slots at the same time as the event streamed, which is only going to cause more speculation about .

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