Amy Dowden declares ‘I don’t need your pity’ as she removes wig for sensational shoot
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 28, 2023 - 12:25PM
Amy Dowden doesn’t want a ‘pity look’ (Picture: Mark Cant / Women”s Health UK)

has insisted she doesn’t want anyone’s pity after being diagnosed with .

The star, 33, after being and she has urged people to treat her ‘as normal’ when they see her out and about.

Amy has posed without her wig for a sensational new magazine cover shoot, and explained that alongside them.

‘I just want to be treated as normal. When I’m walking outside and I’ve got my headscarf on, I don’t want looks of sympathy or feeling sorry for me – I’m Amy,’ she told the December issue of .

‘Sometimes, people don’t know how to address it. Just ask how I am – I will answer you. We don’t want you to feel sorry for us. We’re embracing it. Stand strong with us…Don’t give me that pity look – I don’t need it!’

That was part of the reason for Amy deciding to pose without a wig for the cover shoot as she wants to shine a light for people going through the same health struggles.

The Strictly Come Dancing pro stuns in the new shoot without a wig (Picture: Mark Cant / Women’s Health UK)
Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year (Picture: Mark Cant / Women’s Health UK)
She wants to inspire people with her magazine shoot (Picture: Mark Cant / Women’s Health UK)

‘Finding out I had Crohn’s [Amy was diagnosed age 19 following eight years of symptoms] I didn’t ever have anyone in the public eye to look up to or to say to my friends, “That’s what I’ve got,”‘ she explained.

‘And I just had a little moment: I imagined teenagers being able to go to school and being able to embrace [not having hair] or go swimming and just be like, “I’m like Amy who’s off Strictly.”

‘And that just gave me the confidence to go, “Yeah, let’s do this.” ‘

The 33-year-old dancer sometimes feels angry about her illness (Picture: Mark Cant / Women’s Health UK)
However, she wants to provide hope to others (Picture: Mark Cant/Women’s Health UK)
She is determined to make it back to the Strictly ballroom (Picture: BBC/Ray Burmiston)

That feeling of acceptance and having people to look up to has been a huge help for the professional dancer.

She said: ‘I never thought at 32 I’d be diagnosed with breast cancer… It’s a club you would never wish to be in, but when you’re in it, it’s the most loyal club you could ever be part of. I can speak to my fellow pink sisters and instantly they get it.’

She has also received a wealth of and her husband Ben Jones, but she does have moments of struggling to accept the hands she’s been ‘dealt’.

‘Oh yeah… I always say, I never asked [for] this to happen to me. I’ve always worked so hard. I’ve always been a good person,’ she added.

‘I looked after myself, I’ve exercised well, haven’t smoked… I do get angry. I just think I’ve been dealt a difficult one…

‘I think it’ll take a while to accept. It took me a long time to accept my Crohn’s. Until I’m back dancing and back to my normal self, I don’t think I will accept it.’

Read the full Amy Dowden interview in the December issue of Women’s Health UK, also available as a digital edition.