Antiques Roadshow fans can’t believe their eyes as guest presents ‘grandmother’s breast implants’
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 04

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But a man presenting his grandmother’s breast implants from the 1960s might just take the biscuit for the most bizarre moment ever.

On an episode of the TV programme in the on the network PBS, a guest couldn’t have looked happier as he revealed the unorthodox item that he had brought to be valued.

Speaking to the camera, he explained that the implants date all the way back to the 1960s, and have become a bit of a ‘joke’ within his family.

‘So these are breast implants from 1965. They were made by Dow and Corning, Midland, Michigan. A bit of a family heirloom actually,’ he shared.

‘My grandmother, avid estate saler, garage saler, found them at a garage sale, actually, unused. It’s a bit of a funny joke. I have my grandmother’s breast implants.’

The guest couldn’t have looked happier to present the item (Picture: @roadshowpbs/TikTok)
He showed the implants to the camera, which came with instructions (Picture: @roadshowpbs/TikTok)

The guest explained how often he encounters bemused reactions over the implants.

‘Everyone always asks… they give you that look of just like, “How did she acquire them?” Like, “In what context do you have her breast implants?” New in box, still in the package,’ he said.

‘And they actually do come with instructions for performing the procedure as well.’

In response to the revelation that the box of implants also includes a pamplet of instructions, a man off camera quipped: ‘So you could do it at home, do it yourself,’ which prompted the guest to laugh.

Of course, we would not at all recommend that anyone attempts to give themselves breast implants at home.

The implants came with instructions (Picture: @roadshowpbs/TikTok)

After the Antiques Roadshow TikTok account in the US shared the clip on the social media platform, viewers commented in their droves to share their utterly baffled reactions.

‘Saw this last nite & was like “what the heck???” [sic],’ said a TikTok user going by the handle @Bunnerlunner.

Another fan called @Spazebars made a punny joke, remarking: ‘The old mammories I’m reminded of.’

‘Is this for real?!’ asked Linny, while several people couldn’t believe the fact that the implants were only valued at $100 (£79).

It was apparently an Antiques Roadshow first (Picture: @roadshowpbs/TikTok)

Some were also surprised to find out that there were breast implants that dated back to the 1960s, as they were under the assumption that they had been invented later.

However, the first breast implant is said to have been created by Vincent Czerny in 1895.

After removing a tumour from a patient’s breast, he is said to have then moved a benign lipoma, so as to avoid assymetry.

Antiques Roadshow airs on PBS in the US and on the BBC in the UK.