BBC newsreader ‘fake typing’ during live broadcast has viewers in bits
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 23, 2023 - 02:26PM

Plenty of viewers were left feeling second hand ’embarrassment’ as a newsreader started ‘fake typing’ on air.

and in a moment of panic, broadcaster Pam Caulfield didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands as her Points West news bulletin ended on Sunday afternoon.

Everything went swimmingly until the final seconds as poor Pam started typing on her laptop without actually touching any of the keys as she waited for the cameras to stop rolling.

‘But that’s it from me! I hope you have a lovely afternoon, whatever you’re up to. Goodbye,’ she cheerily said to viewers.

However, she appeared unsure about what to do next, so turned to her laptop and seemed to randomly start hitting at the keys.

Viewers were left howling by the unconvincing mime, with one person even branding it an ’embarrassment’.

Newsreader Pam Caulfield left viewers howling as she brought her broadcast to an end (Picture: BBC)
It was all going swimmingly as she laid her papers down (Picture: BBC)
She didn’t seem to know what to do – cue fake typing (Picture: BBC)

Another kinder person gave Pam ’10/10 for the fake typing’, and ITV presenter Lewis Warner joked: ‘She’s let the secret out! My laptop isn’t even real, it’s playmobil!’

‘When the boss comes around the office ?,’ laughed a third viewer, as someone else added: ‘Not even trying to make it look genuine, love it ?’

Thankfully Pam has seen the funny side (Picture: X/PamCaulfield)

‘Wonder what she’s writing there,’ asked another person, while one user quipped: ‘Lhckyddyiekydoyditdkg’

Someone else thought it was the perfect demonstration of ‘everybody pretending to work at 4pm on a Friday’, and a different user wrote: ‘Love the way her fingers start moving before they get to the keyboard.’

Even the BBC News Bristol X/Twitter account got in on the fun, sharing the viral clip and joking: ‘Fake typing activated.’

Thankfully, Pam has taken the teasing in her stride and can see the funny side of it all.

She had a great response on her own account as she replied to someone sharing the video with a photo of herself sat at a piano and quipped: ‘I can also do fake piano playing…’