BBC runs very unfortunate blunder in assassination report
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 11, 2023 - 06:26AM
Fernando Villavicencio was Ki**ed at a rally in Ecuador (Picture: REUTERS)

The made a huge error in reports of the Fernando Villavicencio.

The politician, 59, who was known for speaking up against cartels and corruption, was shot dead at a campaign rally in the northern city of Quito on Wednesday.

The broadcaster subsequently published a BBC News article about the murder which had the headline: ‘Presidential hopefully shot dead after Ecuador rally.’

Shortly after, the BBC News (World) Twitter account posted the article and captioned the post with the same headline.

It is thought the headline contained a typo and was intended to read: ‘Presidential hopeful shot dead after Ecuador rally.’

The tweet has now been deleted and the article amended but not before the internet noticed, with one social media user writing: ‘HOPEFULLY!!!!! Oh dear BBC!’

The BBC made a ‘very dark’ typo as one social media user put it (Picture: Twitter)
Villavicencio was known for speaking out against corruption (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Another lamented sarcastically: ‘Slick, really slick BBC.’

‘Did you mean “hopeful” not “hopefully”? Otherwise BBC reporting has gone very dark,’ a third remarked.

A member of his campaign team told local media Villavicencio was Ki**ed after getting into a car when a man stepped forward and shot him in the head.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso confirmed the assassination and suggested organised crime was behind his slaying, less than two weeks before the Aug. 20 presidential election.

‘I assure you that this crime will not go unpunished,’ Lasso said in a statement. ‘Organized crime has gone too far, but they will feel the full weight of the law.’

The suspect was shot by security forces in a firefight following the killing and later died in hospital, the country’s attorney general confirmed on social media.

Meanwhile, recent weeks have seen plenty of gaffes occur at the Beeb, including the likes of   technical issues  and of President Biden meeting . has contacted the BBC for comment.