BBC ‘throwback’ thriller hailed as ‘best ever’ divides viewers
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 13, 2023 - 05:46AM
Vigil has returned for a follow-up season two years after its debut (Picture: BBC / World Productions)

*Warning this contains spoilers for Vigil season 2 episode 3

The jury is still out on season 2 as viewers disagree over the thriller starring and .

The drama from, which when it was first released two years ago,

This time DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) is but is instead lodging at a Royal Air Force base in the fictional Middle-Eastern country Wudyan.

She finds herself at the base, overseen by squadron leader Eliza Russell (Romola Garai), after a training drone exercise goes horribly wrong in Scotland and intelligence puts the culprit in Wudyan.

Her partner DI Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie), meanwhile, is pregnant with their first child and running the investigation from the UK, assisted by an MI5 agent.

Both Suranne and Rose reprise their roles from the first season (Picture: BBC / World Productions LTD)
Suranne’s character Silva is back investigating suspected corruption (Picture: BBC / World Productions LTD)

After the third episode aired on Tuesday on BBC One, viewers on X, formerly known as Twitter, were left with mixed feelings over the unfurling action.

Complaining Vigil season 2 didn’t so far live up to its predecessor, Toby Wood wrote: ‘The first series of Vigil was tight, dramatic and claustrophobic. This new series is shallow, implausible, full of stereotypes and consequently rather ordinary #Vigil.’

Echoing Toby’s sentiment, Liz lamented: ‘This is so boring, going to give up now, first series was much better #Vigil.’

But fans are divided on the latest outing of Vigil (Picture: BBC / World Productions LTD)

However, many fans were full of praise for Vigil’s return, with UKTV Forever calling it ‘one of the best dramas ever.’

Agreeing, Anthony Shannon added: ‘Vigil is a classy throwback to the tension filled mysteries of old. The wildly talented Suranne Jones is once again on top form & the truly gripping drama is so f***in awesome. Line of Duty meets 24 with more than a hint of Zero Dark Thirty. Can’t wait for more…. #Vigil.

Andi, meanwhile, remarked: ‘I actually think this is better than series 1. Terrifying. #Vigil.’

Vigil season 1 follows Silva who boards the Trident nuclear submarine HMS Vigil after a crew member’s death is written off as an accidental overdose, however there are.

After airing in 2021, it became the BBC’s since Bodyguard in 2018, attracting over 13 million viewers.

It also picked up the International Emmy Award for Best Drama and secured a Bafta nomination for Best Drama Series.

Vigil is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.