Big Brother evicted star Zak reveals which housemate might be a secret gameplayer
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 24, 2023 - 10:15PM
Who does Zak think is playing a stategic and cunning game? (Picture: James Veysey/Shutterstock)

might no longer be on 2023 after he was evicted, but he’s spilling some piping hot tea in the aftermath.

This week on the series, the drama in the house has been heating up, with .

Meanwhile the between Jordan Sangha, Henry Southan and Matty Simpson continues to .

Viewers never know when a huge twist is going to come out of nowhere – and according to Zak while chatting to, fans should keep a close eye on Chanelle Bowen’s antics.

Before Zak, 28, was eliminated from the series, there was a lot of talk in the household about being a ‘gameplayer’, with Hallie Clarke accusing him of being one.

However, the model reckons that if anyone should hold that title, it’s actually Chanelle, 29, who’s managed to avoid becoming embroiled in any big conflicts.

Chanelle did not look at all happy during the ‘Bug Brother’ shopping challenge (Picture: ITV2)

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Zak admitted that in his opinion, Chanelle, 29, is ‘playing a bit of a game’, as she’s been pretty ‘quiet’ in the house so far.

‘She’s just trying not to get involved in people’s business too much so her name doesn’t come up with anything. But at the same time, she was talking about me quite a lot,’ he said.

Zak explained that near the start of BBUK 2023, when the housemates took part in a challenge where they stayed in a huge bed in the living room for hours together, Chanelle and Jenkin Edwards turned to him and asked: ‘If you were offered £5,000 now, would you leave?’

‘I was like, “No, £5,000 is not worth the experience,”’ he recalled, while Chanelle and Jenkin both apparently said that they would leave straight away.

‘And then they both looked at each other in a funny way and Chanelle came over to me, and she was like, “The only reason I think you’re a game player is because when we mentioned if you’d leave for £5,000, £10,000, and you said, “No” – that’s a lot of money, and when you said that, we just thought you’re only in here for the money,’ he continued.

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‘We just thought you were in here to play a game, so that’s the reason why we think you’re a gameplayer.’

Zak stressed that looking back, he still holds the belief that his time on the show is worth more than £5,000.

Speaking more about Chanelle’s potential strategy, he speculated: ‘I feel I can kind of see what she’s doing.

‘I feel like she’s trying to stay out of everyone’s way, so her name’s not being brought up too much, but then slowly and slowly, she’s whispering people’s names to other people’s ears, so they’ve got her back and they don’t go for her. I do feel like she’s playing a game and I’m catching on.’

We’ll just have to wait and see if the other housemates or fans draw the same conclusion!

Big Brother returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.