Big Brother star argues ‘prejudice’ swayed the vote to evict trans housemate Hallie
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 30, 2023 - 12:04AM
Hallie became the third housemate evicted on Friday (Picture: REX)

star Olivia has speculated that former housemate Hallie was evicted because she is transgender.

The 18-year-old youth worker from became the third evictee on Friday when against Trish and Dylan.

It’s safe to say the rest of the housemates were shocked, clearly not expecting her to be the one walking out of the door.

Following Hallie’s departure to a cheering crowd, the remaining BB stars were keen to figure out what went wrong for her.

‘What do you think the public might have seen that she has done?’, asked Olivia, 23.

The Scottish dancer argued that Hallie’s ‘kicking off’ could’ve turned people against her.

Olivia suggested Hallie’s eviction could’ve been down to ‘prejudice’ (Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)

‘People can have prejudice towards certain things,’ she added.

‘I just think it really puts it in perspective, like, how many people have sat at home and opted to use their vote to get rid of someone.’

‘An 18-year-old girl,’ Kerry said sadly, having been incredibly close with Hallie.

‘I think it’s so wrong on so many levels,’ Olivia argued.

She ranted: ‘I’m just baffled, man, out of the three people nominated, right? They don’t feel a specific way about two of them, but they really despise one of them.’

Chanelle then reasoned that the eviction ‘doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things’, since everyone will be leaving at some point.

‘You don’t want to ever think that Hallie being a trans female… but there are horrible people out there,’ Olivia said.

NHS worker Kerry was the closest to Hallie in the house (Picture: ITV)

Chanelle insisted that not everyone thinks like that.

Having overheard the conversation, Jenkin then told fellow housemates Tom and Paul in the garden that he is getting ‘p***ed off’.

‘It doesn’t need to be any deeper,’ Chanelle said.

‘I don’t understand how Hallie being trans has got anything to do with the voting,’ Jenkin said, frustrated.

‘Everyone is from a minority, do you know what I’m saying?

‘It wasn’t a race vote when Farida was evicted, then it’s not fair for Zak to go…’

‘At the end of the day, it’s the game,’ added Paul.

Taking to Twitter after the clash in opinion, BB viewers were divided.

Hallie bravely came out as trans on day two of the series (Picture: James Shaw/Shutterstock)
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‘Olivia was 100% correct in what she said by the way’, one person said.

Another wrote: ‘glad Olivia said that because I feel two things can be true at one while I do not think everyone who voted Hallie is transphobic it’s not bizarre to think that her being trans at nothing to do with some peoples votes given the opinion on trans rights at the moment’.

However, others insisted Hallie’s eviction was ‘nothing to do’ with her being trans.

Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.