Big Brother star passionately defends Jordan and Henry against ‘showmance’ allegations
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 10, 2023 - 11:54AM
Jordan Sangha and Henry Southan’s romance has been defended by a former housemate (Picture: Instagram)

star Trish Balusa has jumped to defend and Henry Southan against criticism of their relationship.

Viewers of the revival of the social experiment will remember how we watched Jordan, 26, and Henry, 25, over six weeks.

It was far from a smooth ride, of course, what with the whole involving

Everything worked out for ‘Jenry’ in the end, though, who in their final week before Jordan left the house as the winner (), later confirming that much to the delight of the internet.

Given how their romance blossomed on reality TV, though, it’s understandable why some people have questioned its authenticity.

Putting any speculation of a ‘showmance’ to bed, former housemate Trish, 33, urged social media users to think before they type.

Jordan and Henry started BB as strangers and left as boyfriends (Picture: Instagram)

Speaking on an Instagram Live this weekend, the mum, from Luton, was asked her thoughts on Jordan and Henry’s romance after Jordan admitted in an interview that he was ‘pining’ for Henry for weeks, yet didn’t realise.

‘I’m so excited for them,’ she began. ‘I’m always really proud of Jordan when he is able to step into his emotions, so that’s definitely an advancement for me.

‘I love seeing them together.’

‘And also, guys, give them a break,’ Trish urged.

‘I know that some of you guys question their intentions, but I also feel like, it’s all very new.

‘Give them a chance. They’re still trying to get to know each other because, at the end of the day, all of us have known each other for less than six months and you have to bear that in mind.’

Also in her chat to fans, Trish addressed the rumours of there being a ‘feud’ between to whom she was incredibly close in the BB house.

Trish Balusa has urged fans to give Jordan and Henry time to figure things out (Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)
The 33-year-old shut down rumours of any bad blood between herself and Jordan (Picture: ITV)

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that with Trish later seemingly unfollowing him on Instagram.

People reckoned the alleged beef had something to do with which resurfaced

Containing racist and homophobic language, the social media posts – which have now been deleted – deeply disappointed people who supported Trish in the house.

She later apologised and for what she wrote several years ago.

Keen to set the record straight, Trish explained on Instagram: ‘The upstairs gang, me, Jordan, Henry, Matty, Yinrun, and Noky who joined us towards the very end, I think our friendship in the house is gonna look very different to our friendship outside the house.

‘It’s very different when you’re in an isolated situation and you have to interact with people around you and you don’t have no appointments, you don’t have no kid to look after, you don’t have no rent to pay at that time or to think about…’

Following Trish’s shock eviction, old tweets resurfaced featuring racist and homophobic language (Picture: James Veysey/Shutterstock)
Jordan won the first ITV series of Big Brother, making him £100k richer (Picture: James Veysey/Shutterstock)

‘So many things play such big factors that, when we come outside and we live far from each other… I’m in Luton, I know that Henry and Jordan are in London, Yinrun’s up north, Matty is in Ireland, Noky is in Derby… it looks very different to us, guys.’

Trish then pleaded: ‘If we don’t interact every day, please don’t panic. We’re also trying to figure out what our friendships look like outside of the house.

‘I know you guys mean well, but when you’re putting comments about, “Oh Trish is unfollowed Jordan! Jordan’s not following Trish!”, it’s kinda like, stirring the pot of the thing we’re trying to navigate.’

‘Let us figure it out for ourselves,’ Trish begged.

She concluded: ‘The most important thing is that I will always, always cherish Jordan and Henry and the experiences I had with them and the upstairs gang overall.

‘It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.’

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