Big Brother star reports Laurence Fox to police over ‘upskirting’ picture
Posted by  badge Boss on May 02
Laurence Fox has been blasted for sharing an upskirting picture (Picture: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

star has spoken of her distress saying she’s ‘destroyed’ and ‘mortified’ after discovering has shared an upskirting picture of her on social media, that’s now been removed.

The Reclaim Party leader and former actor, 45, has been widely blasted for sharing the since-deleted image on X, victim blaming her and saying: ‘She can go cry victim all she wants. It’s not my fault she forgot to put her pants on, the whining cry bully hypocrite.’

People have accused of him sinking to a ‘new low’, following controversial statements and legal battles he’s become embroiled in over recent months, including , and months earlier being sacked from on Dan Wootton’s show.

Now, Fox has shared the indecent image of Kaur, unblurred before being taken down, and defended his actions, replying to criticism: ‘I don’t take the photo and I didn’t forget to put my pants on. Jog on.’

He has been accused of circulating revenge porn, while Kaur has confirmed it is now ‘a police matter’.

The image in question shows Jeremy Vine show guest Kaur, 51, sat in the back of a vehicle wearing a dress and no underwear.

Big Brother star Narinder Kaur has spoken of her distress (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
The TV personality appeared on Big Brother season two (Picture: PA)

Fox has claimed he’s posted the image to ‘mock’ Kaur over her reported opinions on TV host Leilani Dowding.

Fox, who , has been accused of being a criminal and ‘a vile cowardly man’.

, and offenders can face up to two years in jail and being placed on the sex offenders register.

Kaur has been sent hundreds of supportive messages on X, but has shared her distress in some of the replies to them.

‘I know people are saying not to feel embarrassed and mortified but I am. I’m so incredibly upset that people are looking at my privates and laughing. It’s unimaginably mortifying,’ she wrote.

Kaur has confirmed it is now a police matter (Picture: PA)
Caption: Editorial use onlyMandatory Credit: Photo by Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock (1251374bc)Narinder Kaur’The Alan Titchmarsh Show’ TV Programme, London, Britain. – 22 Nov 2010 Photographer: Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock Provider: Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock Source: Rex Features(Credits: Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock)

In another X post, she said: ‘It’s horrendous..I’m utterly mortified’, and elsewhere wrote: ‘I’m really not ok…just want that pic gone.’

She added: ‘I’m destroyed. I feel dead.’

Kaur later posted on X: ‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone supporting me and trying to make me feel better. It’s actually making me cry. Thank you to all you lovely people, you will never know how much you are helping me pick myself back up.’

In January, it was announced by thethat it will be a criminal offence to share intimate images without consent, without and with intent to cause alarm, distress, or humiliation, and without consent and or for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification. 

A close friend of Kaur has spoken to saying she ‘deserves better than this’ and that Fox’s actions are ‘completely disgusting’.

They said: ‘The fact that a standing politician like Laurence Fox would stoop to such lows is completely disgusting.

‘Narinder has always been vocal about issues she cares about and while she’s endured horrendous backlash before, she never expected to become the target of such vicious attacks.

Kaur said she’s ‘mortified’ and feels ‘destroyed’ (Picture: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

‘It’s appalling that more high-profile figures, who Narinder regularly works with, haven’t spoken out in support of Narinder. But the truth is, they’re scared.’

They continued: ‘They’ve seen how volatile and cult-like Fox’s followers can be. His followers are renowned for being aggressive and relentless in their attacks. This makes figures afraid of facing the same kind of backlash if they challenge him.’

‘Narinder deserves better than this. She’s worked tirelessly to make her voice heard in amongst a male-dominated, increasingly right wing rhetoric and this setback is crushing. She’s determined to reclaim her dignity, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem,’ they added.

She regularly appears as a guest on programmes including Good Morning Britain, after rising to fame on Big Brother series two, where she came in ninth place.

This comes just a week after Fox was ordered to pay a total of £180,000 in damages to  on  after losing a libel battle.

Fox was sacked from GB News last year after making vile comments about journalist Ava Evans (Picture: GB News)

He was successfully sued by former Stonewall trustee Simon Blake and  over a row on X.

And last year, Fox was also sacked from GB News after making vile misogynistic comments about journalist Evans on Wootton’s show.

After an investigation, Ofcom found in March that his remarks ‘constituted a highly personal attack on Ms Evans and were potentially highly offensive to viewers.’

The media watchdog ruled they were ‘degrading and demeaning both to Ms Evans and women generally’ and ‘clearly and unambiguously misogynistic.’

Following the ruling, Fox wrote on X that he was not ‘overly bothered about this anymore’ and ‘could have expressed myself better, that’s life and I’ve said my bit.’

In a statement sent to, the Met Police said: ‘We have been made aware of a post on social media regarding an up-skirting offence and we are currently working to establish the circumstances.’