Big Brother star snubs housemate after racist and homophobic tweets exposed
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 07, 2023 - 09:31PM
Big Brother’s Trish and Jordan do not follow each other on Instagram (Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)

winner has appeared to snub his former friend Trish Balusa on Instagram after .

The 26-year-old lawyer, who is in a, does not follow the full-time mum, 33, on Instagram, despite bonding on the Channel 4 reality show.

Similarly, Trish does not follow Jordan on the picture-sharing site, leading to speculation there is a secret feud between the pair.

The spurn comes after Trish came under fire for past homophobic and racist tweets which were written around a decade ago, for which she

Speaking about the shock she felt re-reading the comments, she said: ‘I thought, “no, I didn’t write that” but then I copied and pasted some of the tweets to see if it would come up on my Twitter and when I realised it did, honestly, I was literally devastated.’

Trish went on: ‘I can’t explain the embarrassment I felt. I can’t explain the embarrassment I still feel.

‘I have been complicit in perpetuating views that are very hurtful for others. That are very oppressive towards others.’

She added: ‘It’s been shocking but it’s been a mirror. It’s highlighted that as I teach people, I came from a place of being taught.’

Some of the tweets in question – which were screenshotted before the account was deactivated – include: ‘There are Asian people everywhere but why do the ones in Ilford/EastHam/Upton Park and Barking smell like this kmt (kiss my teeth). Shame on you.’

Big Brother fans have wondered what’s happened between Jordan and Trish(Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)
Trish apologised over the past tweets and said she was ‘shocked’ to re-read them(Picture: ITV)

That was posted on March 13, 2012.

Another of Trish’s tweets from October 20, 2012, read: ‘The smell of Pondu cooking is so strong, I hope I don’t leave my house smelling of it like Asian people smell of Curry at times.

When the tweets came to light, Trish issued a lengthy apology, saying in part: ‘I’m aware that some very concerning old tweets of mine have resurfaced, and I would like to sincerely apologise for the harmful stereotypes I perpetuated and the pain I have caused to the marginalised communities and groups of people mentioned.’

Jordan also recently confirmed he was officially dating Henry (Picture: Instagram/@iamhenrysouthan)

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Big Brother told at the time: ‘This weekend, we have been made aware of concerning historical tweets.

‘We are currently looking into why they were not identified by the independent supplier we engage to review the digital footprint of potential Housemates as part of our pre-checks.’

Last month, lawyer  of Big Brother’s reboot series on ITV2, with dancer Olivia Young finishing in second place. has contacted Jordan and Trish’s reps for comment.

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