Big Brother’s Matty leaves viewers feeling sick over way he eats bagel
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 16, 2023 - 12:06AM
Matty’s bagel eating antics didn’t go down well with Jenkin or viewers (Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)

As the housemates get to know each other better, things have been getting a little too cosy – and we don’t mean between

The latest episode saw the build up to , watching and judging from the spare room with Jordan before he returned to the main house.

Watching the house for 48 hours, were subjected to the remaining housemates breakfast antics which included a breakfast spread with eggs and bagels.

While they chatted at the kitchen table, viewers were left utterly disgusted by Matty’s bagel antics as he tucked into his breakfast a bit too enthusiastically.

As he began to eat his food, the egg yolk broke, leaving viewers blushing as he ‘rimmed’ the bread – yes, seriously.

, who has really riled up fans with his comments, declared Matty was ‘licking out’ his bagel.

He really got into the eggy breakfast mess (Picture: ITV)
Jenkin’s reaction says it all really (Picture: ITV)

Fans may not agree with him on much but the breakfast surprise certainly turned heads on X (Twitter), as one person said: ‘Tbf watching Matty liking out his bagel like some fresh ? was a difficult watch.’

Another asked: ‘Why’ve I just watched Matty rim a bagel?’

‘Matty licking out that bagel actually just made me heave,’ agreed a third horrified viewer.

‘I hate the way Jenkin and go on like that but why is Matty eating a bagel like that and did they have to zoom in?’ questioned someone else.

Others defended the contentious bagel eating, writing: ‘I would react like that to a bagel tbh. Why are Tom and Jenkin so miserable.’

‘The bagel conversation was more interesting than literally anything tom ever said,’ shared a Matty-defender.

If you’re wondering why all fans can talk about is how someone ate their breakfast, albeit a bit cheekily, it’s because fans branded it the ‘most boring episode’.

Unhappy viewers complained about having to watch 30 minutes more of Jenkin and Tom, who had already been eliminated and continued to make comments about

The episode was slammed as a ‘filler’ before the final, as one wrote: ‘Anyone else find that episode absolutely boring.’

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‘Possibly the most boring episode out of the whole series!!’ scathed numerous viewers.

The episode did end on a sweet note with , kissing and cuddling again and confessing how much they missed each other – so cute!

With only a few days left in the house, lets hope there’s no bagels on the menu tomorrow or fans may go into meltdown.

Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 8pm on ITV 2 and ITVX.