Billie Eilish sparks concern with photos of bizarre bite marks
Posted by  badge Boss on 2 weeks ago
Billie Eilish has raised concern among fans by posting pictures of visible bite marks on her skin (Picture: John Salangsang/REX/Shutterstock)

Eilish has sparked concern among fans after sharing a series of photos showcasing her Independence Day celebrations.

Among the images, two attracted particular attention due to what appeared to be bite marks on her arms.

The 22-year-old and Oscar-winning artist posted a collection of snapshots from her July 4th weekend.

While there were plenty of pictures of the star relaxing in a bikini and enjoying fireworks, it was the photos displaying what seemed to be fresh bite marks that ignited a flurry of concern.

In one image, Eilish’s arms revealed two large indentations on her arms. In another selfie, these marks appeared to have turned into distinct bruises.

‘Wait, are those bite marks?’ Questioned a follower. Another added, ‘Is she… okay??? Those bite marks look nasty.’

The bite marks appeared deep (Picture: Billie Eilish/Instagram)

Despite these bizarre photos, Eilish appeared to enjoy an otherwise wholesome holiday.

The collection of photos depicted her enjoying various activities, from handling fireworks in a garden to rock climbing. One image depicted a tight hug on the ground, both friends sporting bouldering shoes.

Another showed Eilish without makeup, her hair messily tousled, adding to the candid vibe of the very Gen-Z album.

The singer also posted a rare photo of herself in a pink bikini top (Picture: Instagram)

The final photo featured an unusual sight—a clown-themed seat in the back of a car, adding a quirky end to the photo series and an additional element of mystery to the post.

But none of these photos added any insight into why, exactly, Eilish was sporting the bite marks on her arms.