Billie Piper and Adam Driver to Snoop Dogg and beyond: This artist captures stars in jaw-dropping realism with tiny figurines
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 15
Artist Darren Carnall’s work is incredible (Picture: Darren Carnall)

We’re going to need you to stop what you’re doing and take a look at these incredible lifelike celeb figurines.

The artist behind them is , a former financial advisor who started painting when his childhood epilepsy returned and he had to stop work.

Inspired by the great Bob Ross, he threw himself into art and found a passion for bringing collectibles to life (and making any superfan’s dream come true).

Safe to say, the results are absolutely incredible.

From Billie Piper and Adam Driver to Martin Freeman and, most recently, Snoop Dogg, Darren brings the tiny pieces of art to life with the most incredible realism.

Speaking to about his process, Darren explained: ‘When I repaint a head or statue for someone I can take anywhere from 15 hours for a head up to 50 hours for a statue.

‘This involves dozens of thin delicate layers of paint, subtle details, minute things like blood vessels, skin pores etc are all painted on by hand. Tiny brushes!

‘Whatever it takes to make the plastic or resin item in my hands look HUMAN. We might think we know what skin colour looks like, but it’s actually made from dozens of different shades, and the more variation and ‘randomness’ you can get into the paint work, the more real it will look.’

One of his most recent creations, Snoop Dogg, saw him bringing a flat resin head to life over the course of around 11 hours.

He wrote on Instagram: ‘Dozens of layers, watery thin glazing, dry brushing, paint flicking, microscopic skin details, pores, blood vessels etc hand painted all over with the smallest brushes to bring a flat resin head to life.’

Check out some of Darren’s work below:

Billie Piper brought to life as Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler (Picture: Darren Carnall)
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (Picture: Darren Carnall)
Adam Driver as Kylo Ren (Picture: Darren Carnall)
Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor (Picture: Darren Carnall)
Biggie Smalls (Picture: Darren Carnall)

To top off being the ultimate superfan, Darren’s involved with Secret Cinema and has been to a whopping 22 screenings with them.

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