‘Brain-altering’ Beauty and the Beast musical with ‘Britney Spears’ has the internet obsessed
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 23

There’s nothing quite like an unhinged show while you’re on holiday and a Turkish hotel’s rendition of has jaws on the floor.

Hotel guests were treated to the ‘unexpectedly fantastic’ but out-there musical which is a retelling of the classic, but set to the music of .

Not only does Brit’s music take centre stage but the pop princess is also the show’s version of Belle, although sadly the icon herself has not taken up residence in the Turkish hotel.

Travel content creator Jordan Rose shared the moments that ‘altered her brain chemistry’ with thousands of followers on who were all equally obsessed.

This bafflingly included a rendition of Slave 4 U from Britney — while she was locked in the Beast’s jail — in a VMAs-inspired green bralette costume.

‘It was one of those things where you go into something with no expectation and then it’s actually amazing,’ the 30-year-old British influencer told Metro.co.uk.

The jukebox musical is called Britney and the Beast (Picture: TikTok/@missjordantravels)
One outfit is directly inspired by Britney Spears’s 2001 VMA Awards performance (Picture: Empics)

Jordan, who goes by on social media, couldn’t believe her eyes as she attended the show at the Hillside Beach Club in Fethiye, last October.

The plot follows that of the classic tale but is filled with references to the Circus singer, as well as performers belting her tunes, and of course, Belle is replaced with Britney.

Jordan and her friends had been aware of the show by eager staff but weren’t planning to go and had instead headed into the bar, missing the first 15 minutes.

‘When someone tells you something, you think “okay, that’s nice”, but you don’t expect it to be like anything crazy,’ she continued, confessing seeing the costumes had piqued their interest.

Sharing some of her favourite moments, Jordan laughed: ‘Britney slash Belle, at one point she knees Gaston in the balls – that’s iconic.

The hotel’s performers choreographed the entire show (Picture: TikTok/@missjordantravels)
Belle’s dad Maurice had a little of the Christopher Walken about him (Picture: TikTok/@missjordantravels)

‘Then the ending where Mrs. Potts screams, “Get out of my house” to all of the villagers. I was like this is incredible, this is so camp.’

The musical isn’t all highs though as fake Britney sheds a tear as the Beast dies in a ‘quite emotional’ moment, but Jordan added: ‘It was just mostly just hilarious.’

Viewers of her TikTok post were in utter disbelief at the ‘epic’ musical, as Cassidy Darby wrote: ‘But why is this good. I’m so confused rn.’

‘Absolutely 10/10, put it on Broadway,’ cheered Hannah Lizzle as Cait added: ‘I didn’t know I needed this until this very moment.’

‘This feels like a Glee episode,’ joked Maddie Owen, referencing the hit show’s two dedicated Britney episodes – although it’s unclear if that was intended as a compliment or not.

The Beast was exactly the same but also belting Toxic with Britney (Picture: TikTok/@missjordantravels)
Britney also flaunts a version of Belle’s yellow dress (Picture: TikTok/@missjordantravels)

The dancer’s ‘hairography’ was praised while plenty of other viewers called it ‘genius’ and ‘amazing’.

Some comments mentioned the similarity to Todrick Hall’s video from seven years ago with the same concept, however, this is less than 10 minutes long — not an entire evening’s entertainment.

We have no idea if Britney is aware of the musical, although in the past she has said Beauty and the Beast is her ‘favourite movie’.

Sadly the mysterious hotel’s show ended in 2023 with Jordan noting even she missed out on a second viewing and wished her phone hadn’t died before the end so she could relive the whole show.

Jordan added: ‘It is pure entertainment. I was not bored at any point during the show.’