Brothers Joel and Tommy face tense reunion in The Last of Us episode 6 while Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey hailed for ‘most emotional scene ever’
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What begins as a heartwarming reunion quickly reveals a tense relationship (Picture: HBO)

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Last of Us episode 6.

Ever since the start of – the TV adaptation of the – when Joel () was with his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) on , fans have been wondering when the brothers were going to reunite.

While Joel embarked on a journey to take Ellie () to members of the Firefly revolutionary movement, he was always intent on trying to find his brother, who had been missing from the Boston QZ where they both lived for a significant amount of time.

Finally, after months apart, the brothers reunite in episode 6 – but their reunion isn’t completely smooth-sailing.

Joel and Tommy share some tense interactions when they butt heads over the way they’re living their lives in their unpredictable, post-apocalyptic world… while Joel and Ellie also come to blows when they risk going their separate ways.

Joel and Ellie’s treacherous journey leads them to Tommy

Many people in the world in which Joel is living would have assumed that Tommy was long-dead, despite the smuggler’s treacherous quest to make sure his brother was alright.

Joel meets his new sister-in-law, Maria (Picture: HBO)

Three months after suffering the tragic losses of Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) during their terrifying ordeal in Kansas City, Joel and Ellie finally make it to Jackson in Wyoming, where they meet up with Tommy and Tommy’s wife, Maria (Rutina Wesley), who’s pregnant with their first child.

Joel confides in Tommy about his mission to take Ellie to the Fireflies as she’s immune to the Cordyceps infection and so could be the key to finding a cure.

Meanwhile, he also admits he’s in a shaky mental and physical state, and believes Ellie would be better off being escorted by Tommy to the Fireflies than himself.

Ellie finds out the tragic fate of Joel’s daughter Ellie

While speaking alone with Tommy’s wife Maria, Ellie finds out that not only did Joel have a daughter called Sarah, but that she died on outbreak day.

Ellie peels back more layers of Joel’s past (Picture: HBO)

What’s more, she also overhears Joel telling Tommy that he doesn’t think he should be Ellie’s companion any more, and she angrily confronts him about his apparent desire to desert her.

The scene was taken almost word-for-word from the video game, and fans have praised Pedro and Bella for delivering one of the ‘most emotional scenes ever’ with their confrontation.

Fans were left in awe by the hard-hitting scene (Picture: Twitter/@ellievjoel)

Nonetheless, in the morning when Ellie is going to set out on the next step of her journey to get to the Fireflies, Joel reveals that he’s changed his mind and will still go with her.

So, they get on a horse and head away, while Tommy promises that they’ll always be welcome with his community.

Is Joel gravely hurt? Fight with attackers leaves him in a sorry state

After leaving Tommy and Maria’s home, Joel and Ellie make their way to Colorado, where they find what appears to be a former Firefly base… but the revolutionary group members appear to have left.

Joel doesn’t fully trust himself to keep Ellie safe (Picture: HBO)

Spotting clues that the crew might have gone to a hospital in Utah, Joel and Ellie go to leave the deserted base, but are attacked by mystery assailants.

One of the raiders is Ki**ed by Joel, but not before the protagonist is stabbed himself.

Ellie gets Tommy away on the horse, but he’s clearly seriously injured and could be fighting for his life.

The Last of Us is available to watch on Sky and NOW with new episodes released on Mondays.

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