‘Car crash’ Graham Linehan interview removed by TalkTV after anti-trans views
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 17

TalkTV decided not to repeat an interview with during which he shared his .

The Father Ted writer, 55, floundered when he was questioned by Uncensored presenter Rosanna Lockwood, who was standing in for , on Wednesday night.

During the segment, The IT Crowd creator made shocking claims about the trans community and frequently talked over Rosanna.

At one point, Linehan raised his voice when Rosanna interjected to inform him he was veering away from the subject of discussion to which he snapped: ‘Don’t lecture me.’ 

After watching the TalkTV show, trans TV star and reporter India Willoughby said on X, formerly known as Twitter, the broadcaster ‘totally showed up’ Linehan as ‘a filthy crazed transphobe.’

Uncensored airs every weekday from 8pm until 9pm and is then repeated from 11pm – 12am.

Graham Linehan has made shocking claims about the trans community (Picture: Getty)
TalkTV did not broadcast Linehan’s interview for a second time (Picture: Getty Images)

However, Linehan’s interview was not broadcast for a second time in the later slot and is currently not on YouTube, where most TalkTV shows are made available to stream.

‘“Free speech” station TalkTV REMOVE Graham Linehan’s humiliating car-crash interview from their 11pm repeat,’ India remarked on social media.

Earlier this week, Edinburgh Fringe venue Leith Arches announced it was no longer hosting a Comedy Unleashed show after learning Linehan would be performing a stand-up routine.

(Picture: TalkTV)

Linehan later told TalkTV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer he would consider taking ‘legal action’ against Leith Arches for axing the gig.

In 2020 with comments about trans people and was reinstated – with the likes of Donald Trump – in Elon Musk’s takeover.

Linehan has previously compared trans children to ‘Nazi experiments’ and called trans rights activism ‘evil’.

Metro.co.uk has contacted TalkTV and Linehan’s reps for comment.

Uncensored airs weekdays from 8pm on TalkTV.