Celebrity Big Brother housemate claims she was sneakily given snacks by bosses
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 18
Former housemate Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan has claimed she was given snacks (Picture: Channel 5/CBB)

Stints on are rarely as controversial as that of and 10 years later she’s still spilling secrets.

The TV personality has claimed that during her run on in 2014, bosses secretly brought snacks to her in the diary room.

This year’s revival is certainly proving contentious as was and but nobody’s $100 pants have been destroyed … so far.

For anyone who didn’t watch the fourteenth season, Frenchy — real name Angelica Morgan — lasted 12 days, during which time she cut up ’s very expensive undies.

A very heated argument over food had her tearing up his personals before being , vowing to ‘cheer up’ London as she left.

Despite being in the house for less than two weeks, Frenchy was apparently being placated by bosses with secret snacks like dark chocolate and lemon.

She lasted 12 days in the house and lost half a stone (Picture: Shutterstock)
Despite her short stint, she made a big impression on viewers (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘Every day I would go to the Diary Room, and I would ask for some dark chocolate and some ginger and some lemon and they would give it to me in secret,’ she revealed to the .

The French model is a vegetarian, something which was not as freely accommodated in the early 2010s as it is now, so was reportedly struggling to eat in the house.

‘So I was yelling at everybody like, “Don’t take the ginger, don’t take the avocado, that’s all I’m eating”. Basically, Big Brother didn’t show it, but God bless them,’ Frenchy continued.

She claims she was brought snacks like chocolate and lemons (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘I lost like four kilos because we were barely eating and we ran out of avocados. I was barely eating bread, avocados and pasta but then I would get mad and throw the food on the floor and then we would have no more food.’ 

The star has gone on to appear in more reality shows, including Botched, Rock of Love, and Charm School — a show which also featured .

She is now a popular content creator on On***ans but hasn’t ruled out returning to the UK for more TV antics.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Channel 5 for comment.

Celebrity Big Brother airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV.