Cher told boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards she’s ‘too old’ for him amid budding romance
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 20, 2023 - 08:58PM
Cher has opened up about life with her boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards (Picture: Getty)

Cher has lifted the lid on her relationship with boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, after raising eyebrows with their age-gap.

The Believe singer, 77, first met the 37-year-old during an event at Fashion Week last September, and .

They confirmed their relationship a few months later, and recently sparked speculation that they had .

In a chat with , the music icon joked that she told her beau that she was ‘too old’ for his texts before their budding romance took flight.

‘I was in a place where I couldn’t do much and I kept saying, “I’m not the right woman for you. First of all, I’m 100 years older than you. And secondly, your friends [wouldn’t think you were] cool if you were caught hanging with me,”’ she recalled.

‘He said, “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?” And then, we just happened.

Cher and AE started dating last year (Picture: WireImage)

‘On paper, it’s kind of ridiculous. But, in real life, we get along great. He’s fabulous and I don’t give men qualities that they don’t deserve.

‘And I think he’s quite handsome.’

Cher and Alexander briefly met last September – and a mutual friend gave him her phone number afterwards.

Their connection was clear to see and the If I Could Turn Back Time musician then introduced her beau to her sons, Chaz and Elijah.

The pair have been inseparable over the last few months (Picture: FilmMagic)

Things also stepped up a notch when she met his child, Slash Electric, who Alexander shares with former girlfriend Amber Rose.

They were recently pictured making the rounds at Paris Fashion Week last month, marking a year of their relationship with a walk down memory lane.

Reflecting on their romance with People Magazine, she said: ‘‘I had been telling all my friends, “We’re too old to go out with really younger men, and I will never fall in love on text.” So I did what I said not to do!

Cher branded her beau ‘special’ (Picture: Splash)

‘I hate when people say people are special, but lots of people say I’m special, so I can say that he’s special.

‘No matter what happens, I love being with him. He makes me laugh, and we have fun. What I learned is that it’s never too late. If you wrote out all the statistics, you would go, “Well, this is doomed.” But we’ve been together a year, and if it was just a year, it would’ve been worth it. I’ve had the best time.’

‘If you have happiness, you can’t think about how long it’s going to last,’ she added. ‘You have to think about “How does it feel?” and live in the moment.’