Coleen Nolan thought she was going to die in terrifying health scare
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 02
Coleen Nolan has revealed a terrifying health scare (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

has revealed the she thought she was going to die.

The star, 58, recalled an incident in a hotel room where she was struggling to breathe.

It was so terrifying that .

‘I literally couldn’t walk a few feet without stopping to catch my breath. It was the scariest thing, feeling constantly winded,’ Coleen said.

She went on to say an ITV crew member insisted on taking her to see a doctor where she was placed on antibiotics, but ‘being a typical woman and mum, I kept saying I’d be fine’.

The mum-of-three later met her partner Michael Jones, 60, outside a hotel, but by the time they were walking towards their room she was ‘gasping’ and attempting to say she ‘couldn’t breathe’.

‘I had a full-scale panic attack and the more stressed I got and the more I cried, the less able I was to breathe,’ she went on to .

The Loose Women star quit smoking after the incident (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

‘I genuinely thought “I’m going to die in my hotel room, away from home.” It was really frightening.’

After going to the doctor and having a chest X-ray and blood tests the next day, Coleen admitted she feared having lung cancer, and it was a ‘massive relief’ when her results came back clear.

She added that she felt the incident was the universe telling her it was her ‘last chance’, and made her realise she wants to be ‘around for as long as I can’ for her children.

This comes after Coleen revealed she is last year.

Coleen is undergoing more treatment following a skin cancer scare last year (Picture: JMEnternational/Getty Images)

The musician first underwent treatment in 2023 for a type of low-grade skin cancer called carcinoma, which was found on her shoulder.

She’s since found a second suspicious patch of skin and has been told it would grow into melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – if ignored.

Speaking on the podcast, she began: ‘I got skin cancer last year. I had carcinoma on my shoulder which has now gone. And had chemo cream on my shoulder so that burned that off.’

Coleen continued: ‘And then I’ve got this tiny bit of dry skin. I’ve been saying for ages, it doesn’t matter how much oil or cream I put on it, it won’t go.

‘But doctors said, “That is pre melanoma, it will turn into skin cancer which is worse than carcinoma.” So I’m getting that treated when the tour ends.’

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