Coleman Willner: Who Is He? What We Know About Big Timber’s Right Hand Man
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 15

Coleman Willner: Who Is He? What We Know About Big Timber’s Right Hand Man

Coleman Willner

Coleman Willner, a Big Timber cast member, is Kevin Wenstob’s right-hand man who serves as both the grip tender on the lumber claim and the chief sawyer at his sawmill.

It’s clear that he has a following, but he’s not letting that bother him. Coleman continues to be committed to his career, therefore he always arrives at work ready to give it his all. The fact that he is becoming a TV personality in the process is merely a bonus for him.

Coleman Willner: Who Is He?

Coleman works hard, is committed, and is driven because he wants to comprehend Kevin’s perspective on the economy. Coleman grew up next to the Wenstobs, and it was there that he first met Erik Wenstob and developed a relationship that would last a lifetime.

Over the past few years, Coleman Willner’s life has undoubtedly been more than he could have imagined. He became well-known on reality television in 2020 as a result of Big Timber on the History Channel. In 2021, the show was made available on Netflix, allowing an additional audience to view it. As a result, Coleman has generated interest on a global scale.

Over the past five years, he has diligently worked to expand his knowledge and expertise. Although Coleman has a lot to learn, he is willing to be taught how to do things correctly and is competent in some areas.

Who Is the Girlfriend of Coleman Willner?

The romantic interest Coleman has is Alysha Rodger. The couple is still going strong, despite the fact that we are unsure of how long they have been together.

Based on the show, Coleman Willner seems like the kind of person who would maintain his privacy. Visit his Instagram page, though, to get an insight into his personal life. Since Coleman is currently a TV personality, he probably receives a lot of people who frequently mail him directly, but they might as well not bother.

Coleman enjoys spending time with his fiancee and a puppy he owns as a pet when he isn’t working on his timber claim or operating the saw. He likes to practice archery as well.

Has He Got A Pet?

If you follow Coleman Willner on social media, you could discover his love for dogs.

Kiha, his golden retriever that he uses as a bird dog, is regularly shown in his articles. Willner will accompany Kiha into the fields to catch any birds that he is successful in shooting, as demonstrated by his athletic build and enthusiasm for hunting.

Even though she has obviously received a lot of attention, this dog doesn’t mind being rough and dirty. She usually goes camping with Willner as they enjoy the great outdoors.