Daisy May Cooper and Jack Whitehall bring Oxford Street to a standstill as they film Christmas advert in January
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 30
Jack Whitehall and Daisy May Cooper have been spotted filming a Christmas advert (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

and managed to bring the usually chaotic Oxford Street to a standstill while filming a advert this week.

, 37, was seen in front of the cameras with , 35, on London’s famous shopping street over the weekend.

The night shoot saw them don festive attire whilst driving in a London cab.

Photos taken of the pair show Daisy riding shotgun, while Jack was relegated to the back seat.

Daisy was spotted in a Santa hat and Christmas jumper as she appeared to be taking on the role of a cab driver in the capital.

However, , and the actors weren’t whizzing down the busy road and were instead raised up on a platform.

Oxford Street was shut down while cameras were rolling (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)
Daisy was spotted in character as a cab driver (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

The heavy logistics of filming meant that the TV stars caused an obstruction that blocked the famous shopping street for two hours.

However, little is known about the project they were filming, or even whichever brand has bought them on board for the festive ad.

However, Jack wasn’t looking quite as much in the Christmas spirit, instead wearing a grey jumper.

Jack was seen chilling out in the back seat (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)
It’s not yet clear what the ad will be promoting (Picture: James Curley and MagicMomentsUK)

Just a few weeks back, Daisy delighted fans with a festive outfit, posting a photo on social media in a green bodysuit whilst holding two Christmas trees on her breasts.

‘Merry chrimbo yer bunch of lovely bastards xxxxx,’ she wrote.

It came soon after the actress also appeared in the Christmas Special of Danny Robbins’ hit BBC podcast, Uncanny, and revealed her.

‘It’s quite frightening the questions it leaves you with. It makes me wish I was back in your position, wondering whether ghosts exist or not,’ she said.

Daisy went on to explain that guests have told her they’ve heard voices, smelt cigarette smoke and even seen ‘shadow figures’ in one of the rooms, while her housekeepers detailed how pictures had been mysteriously taken down from the walls and placed in weird positions on the landing.

She went on to discover her house sits on a site that is right beside an abandoned railway famous for transporting injured soldiers, while a young boy drowned in a nearby lake that can be seen from the window of the spare room.