Dame Julie Andrews admits she’s never met Bridgerton cast despite narrating Netflix drama
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 26
Dame Julie Andrews keeps far away from Bridgerton (Picture: Today)

Dame Julie Andrews hasn’t met any of the  cast, despite narrating the hit Netflix series.

The 86-year-old actress made the surprise admission during the Today Show where she admitted she remains ‘far, far away’ from the action.

‘Shonda Rhimes and the whole gang down, they’re terrific,’ Dame Julie told presenter Hoda Kotb.

‘It’s a joy and I’m thrilled that they asked me.

‘But I’ve never met the company in person. Of course, I see them on the show sometimes. But I do all my own recording far far away from them.’

When asked what she thinks of the smash-hit, Dame Julie responded: ‘I think it’s gorgeous looking and they’re all wonderful in it and they’re lovely people to work with.’

The legendary Princess Diaries actress hasn’t met her fellow Bridgerton co-stars
Bridgerton has been renewed for a third and fourth season on Netflix (Picture: Netflix)

Viewers expressed their surprise at Dame Julie’s distance from the production, which was first released on Netflix in December 2020.

‘I hope they can all meet up soon,’ one wrote. ‘It’s a great series and commentary tone is on point.’

‘If I were Julie I would insist on a private meeting with Rege-Jean Page immediately!’ another added.

The Sound Of Music star actress voices the role of Lady Whistledown in the regency drama, who is the author of the Scan**lous society pages.

Dame Julie voices Lady Whistledown in the Netflix drama (Picture: Getty)

‘It has been said that of all bitches, dead or alive, a scribbly woman is most canine,’ Dame Julie announces in the first episode.

‘If that should be true, then this author would like to show you her teeth. My name is Lady Whistledown, but you do not know me and rest assured you never shall, but be forewarned dear reader, I certainly know you.’

Bridgerton released its second season earlier this year and there are many more to come with the third and fourth chapters confirmed.

So far, the first two series of the show have been based on the first and second books in Julia Quinn’s series—The Duke and I, and The Viscount Who Loved Me, respectively.

The third book, titled An Offer From a Gentlemen, is about Benedict and Sophie.

Show producer Shonda Rhimes previously told : ‘There’s eight Bridgerton siblings, so we’re planning on following each one of the siblings’ romantic stories.’

However, she added: ‘We’re not necessarily going in order but we are going to be seeing each of the siblings and their stories.’

Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix.