Dan Walker ‘completely exonerated’ after ‘serious misconduct allegations’ at Channel 5
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 18
Dan Walker hosts Channel 5 news with co-anchor Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije (Picture: Photographer Mark Johnson / Channel 5)

anchor and former star has been ‘completely exonerated’ following an investigation into allegations of ‘serious misconduct’.

This follows a series of allegations made by an unnamed colleague against Channel 5 – which involved Dan, 46.

In a multi-pronged investigation into the case, a HR-led team of investigators were brought in to assess whether there had been any wrongdoing by the broadcaster and its evening news anchor.

Speaking on Dan’s involvement, an industry source told The Sun: ‘This row has sent shockwaves round and ITN.’

They continued: ‘Dan is a hugely popular figure and is really well-respected. He was devastated and totally stunned to be dragged into this.’

However, Dan has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case, with investigators citing ‘a lack of evidence to support allegations.’

Dan left BBC Breakfast in 2022 (Picture: PA)

The Sun’s source revealed how shocked Dan was to be involved in the case, saying: ‘Dan knew about the complaint last year, but he was initially told all the claims related to events before he joined Channel 5.

‘This really shocked him — and he just couldn’t understand it. But he co-operated with the investigation and was totally open and transparent because he had nothing to hide — and was later relieved but not surprised to be totally exonerated.’

‘Everything was done by the book and they brought in an external team to ensure the probe’s independence,’ the insider added.

Dan revealed that he used to struggle with the 5am wake-up call (Picture: ITV)

Dan joined Channel 5 News after leaving BBC Breakfast in April 2022. He revealed last month how at the BBC studios behind the scenes of the show.

Speaking to and on , he revealed the toll that presenting the breakfast show would take on his mental health – specifically in climbing out of bed at 3am every day to be up and ready to present.

‘By Wednesday I was like, full zombie mode. And also you get really emotional,’ he said.

‘End of the show, you are like, in the toilets just crying. Anything sets you off. Someone says something nice about your trousers and you are like (fake cries).’

Dan shared an ill-received joke on X last week (Picture: Dan Walker/X)

Although he presents the evening news on Channel 5, Dan has returned to morning hosting duties as a presenter of Classic FM’s breakfast show.

Last week, he sparked furore with a now-deleted post aimed at amid the controversy of her edited Mother’s Day photo.

Dan posted a heavily edited picture of a man – clearly not himself – on his X account writing: ‘Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.’

This led to , who branded him ‘classless’ and said that they ‘expected more’ of the star.

Metro.co.uk has approached Dan Walker for comment.