Dan Walker rushed in ambulance after being hit by car as he shares pictures of bloodied face
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 20
Dan thanked the NHS after his painful ordeal (Picture: Twitter/@mrdanwalker)

has said he feels ‘glad to be alive’ after being hit by a car while on his bike.

The presenter shared photos of his face covered in blood after being rushed from the scene in an ambulance.

‘Bit of an accident this morning. Glad to be alive after getting hit by a car on my bike,’ the 45-year-old wrote.

‘Face is a mess but I don’t think anything is broken. Thanks to Shaun and Jamie for sorting me out and the lovely copper at the scene.

‘This is my smiling 😂 Thankful for our ❤️.’

The shared photos of himself in an ambulance with medical workers, revealing his face heavily swollen and bruised with blood covering his cheek, below his nose and his chin, as well as staining his white shirt.

Dan doesn’t believe that he’s broken any bones (Picture: Twitter/@mrdanwalker)
The presenter made an attempt at a smile for the camera despite the blood on his face (Picture: Twitter/@mrdanwalker)

Dan has received a flurry of messages wishing him a speedy recovery, with Strictly Come Dancing judge Motsi Mabuse writing: ‘Oh wow !!! Get well soon.’

‘So glad you are OK Dan, what a shock. Rest up and feel better soon,’ said ITV News presenter Sally Biddulph.

‘Mate…..Much love from us,’ wrote broadcaster Mark Clemmit, while Channel 5’s royal correspondent Simon Vigar added: ‘Glad to hear you are in one piece: it must be terrifying. Take it easy.’

Dan shared a photo with two medical worker who arrived on the scene (Picture: Twitter/@mrdanwalker)

In May 2020, Dan shared a message on Twitter wishing his former BBC colleague Carol Kirkwood better after she was also .

He wrote at the time: ‘There is a lot of love for @carolkirkwood this morning. She is ok, a little battered and bruised after her bike accident, but it’s wonderful to have her back. Long may she reign.’

The now-60-year-old later revealed that she suffered a ‘nasty injury’ to her knee as a result of the collision.

During his stint on Strictly Come Dancing in 2021, after bumping his head on a glass window.

Plenty of people have wished Dan well on his recovery (Picture: Ian West/PA Wire)

He at the time: ‘After whacking my noggin on the big glass window yesterday I got sent to A & E today because I was feeling a little wobbly.’

He continued: ‘A lovely nurse at Barnet Hospital called Karina checked my vitals and 6ft 9 Consultant Erik Witt gave me a CT scan to check for a bleed on the brain. Thankfully… All ok,’ stressing that he wasn’t ‘rushed’ to hospital but ‘went’.