Darius Campbell Danesh’s family confirm injury was behind use of chloroethane which caused death
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 11, 2022 - 12:11AM
Darius Campbell Danesh was found dead aged 41 in August (Picture: Getty)

Darius Campbell Danesh’s family have explained that the pain from a historic injury was behind his use of chloroethane, which caused his death aged 41.

The former Pop Idol star was found dead in his US apartment last month.

It was confirmed on Saturday September 10 by Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office that he died from ‘inhalation of chloroethane’, with his death ruled as an accident.

His family said in a statement: ‘The results of medical examinations have confirmed that Darius’s death was an accident caused by chloroethane, which is used to treat pain and that tragically lead to respiratory arrest.

‘Darius was suffering from chronic neck pain following a car accident in 2010.

‘We would like to thank everyone for their love and kindness, and ask that the family’s privacy is maintained during this difficult time.’

The singer’s death was ruled as an accident (Picture: Getty Images)

Campbell Danesh was on holiday in Spain when the car he was travelling in as a passenger hit a wall at 70 mph after skidding on oil.

At the time, he said to Hello he felt like the ‘luckiest man alive’ after a nurse told him: ‘Three millimetres this way, you no walk; three millimetres that way, you’re dead.’

Campbell Danesh shot to fame when he auditioned for Popstars, the ITV reality series which aired in 2001 and eventually launched the career of Hear’Say.

What is chloroethane?

What is chloroethane and what is it found in?

Chloroethane, also known as ethyl chloride, is a chemical used as a thickening agent and binder in many things including paint, cosmetics and more.

It can also be used as a refrigerant, an aerosol spray propellant or anaesthetic. It can produce a cooling effect which is sometimes used in dentistry to diagnose whether a tooth is dead or not. 

It has also been used as a recreational drug.

How dangerous is chloroethane?

Chloroethane is a central nervous system depressant and can be fatal if inhaled in higher concentrations.

At low concentrations, people usually exhibit symptoms similar to those of alcohol intoxication, but if exposed to concentrations higher than 6-8%, people often experience shallow breathing, loss of consciousnesses, and depressed heart-rate but usually can be brought round with physical contact or loud noise.

Breathing vapours around 15% or more is often fatal.

No data exists to show the long-term effect chronic exposure can have on humans.

What to do if someone has inhaled chloroethane?

Seeking urgent medical attention is advised as inhalation of chloroethane can be fatal if a person is exposed in high enough concentrations.

If the patient can be roused with physical contact or loud noises, they should be removed from the area of exposure to restore consciousness. The long-term effects of exposure over a period of four or more hours will cause side effects similar to hangovers caused by alcohol, such as dehydration, dizziness, loss of clear vision and temporary loss of consciousness, which can last an hour or more. If the person is no longer exposed to the gas, they will usually return to normal health quickly, which can be helped by drinking extra fluids and vitamins and sugars.

At toxic over-exposure levels, which begin between 9-12%, the patient’s heart rate can drop and their breathing can become shallow or stop altogether, and the patient will also not respond to outside stimulation.

In cases like this, there is a risk of aspiration if the patient vomits, so must be turned on their side and urgent medical attention must be sought. It is also advised to move the patient to an area of clear air and administer forced breathing for them to clear the toxic fumes from their lungs. Even if the patient recovers quickly enough not to need hospitalisation, a medical examination will be needed to ensure no organ damage has occurred.

At concentrations over 12%, the person’s heart, lungs and kidneys begin to fail and immediate CPR followed by medical support measures will usually be needed. Permanent organ damage and death can occur if exposed to high concentrations.

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He then had another shot at fame by auditioning for Pop Idol where he came third behind runner-up Gareth Gates and winner Will Young.

From there he released his number one debut single Colourblind and starred in several West End shows.

After his death, Young paid tribute to his former Pop Idol co-star, sharinga photo of their time on the show with the caption: ‘ ‘For the past few days my thoughts have been with Darius’s family and will continue to be so.

‘I found this picture a while ago taken during Pop Idol. If there was ever an example of not giving up on your dreams then Darius is top of the pile. Driven, courageous and gentle.

‘My love goes to his family at this time x.’

Campbell Danesh was  during a private funeral held at the end of August. 

Around 100 mourners were reportedly in attendance to pay their respects to the beloved entertainer.