David and Victoria Beckham in fresh ‘row with neighbours’ over £12,000,000 Cotswolds estate
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 18, 2023 - 03:40PM
Victoria and David Beckham are reportedly having another barney with their rural neighbours (Picture: Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

David and appear to have found themselves inover – the most recent of which is said to involve a barn.

The ex-footballer, 48, and fashion designer, 49 were originally accused of bringing ‘surburbia’ to the countryside after it was revealed they planned to build a greenhouse on their £12million sprawling estate.

It was then reported locals were even more miffed when the family sought planning permission to add a second access road to their property.

Now, has reported that the famous couple are in yet another row – this time over a barn.

The publication claims representatives of David and Victoria are asking for permission to create three separate office spaces in the building, as well as a bathroom.

At this, the neighbour is seemingly unhappy, and they are reported to have called the plans a ‘back-door way’ of turning the barn into ‘residential property.’

The ex-footballer seems to love countryside life (Picture: Victoria Beckham/Instagram)
The family bought the property in 2017 for £6million (Picture: Victoria Beckham/Instagram)

They allegedly said in a letter: ‘Surely this is just a back-door way of trying to turn this barn into a residential property. It is a barn and should remain so.’

In the last ‘row’ over the road – which it was claimed was to be used for the building of their greenhouse and allotment – the publication reported that a local wrote to the council about their plans.

They seemingly wrote: ‘I am always amazed at those who come to live in the countryside and then want to bring in suburbia, they are not content to live in a natural country environment, they want “to build a lake”, not content with a small lake they then want to enlarge it to some 4 acres with an island so they can have picnics on the island.

‘The applicants defended their plans, saying they would recreate a classic English meadow scene, well if that was the case I would change my landscape architect because [famous garden designer] Capability Brown would never have designed a garden, with such features as huge football pitched, a spectator stand, an outdoor pool, and a sauna.’ 

David and Victoria first in 2017 after they bought the Cotswolds home for a cool £6m at the time. 

Metro.co.uk has contacted Victoria and David Beckham’s representatives for comment.