David Hyde Pierce reveals thoughts on Frasier reboot as he discusses Niles Crane’s absence
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 13, 2023 - 05:46AM

David Hyde Pierce has shared his thoughts on the recent reboot, after deciding not to reprise his role as Niles Crane.

Fans of the original series, a spin-off of Cheers, that the actor, who starred as the younger brother of Kelsey Grammer’s titular character for 11 years, would not be returning in any capacity.

Although Anders Keith landed the part of his son, mentions of Niles and Daphne Crane (Jane Leeves) .

In a new interview, David unpacked his decision to , while offering his thoughts on how the series has unfolded.

‘I never really wanted to go back,’ he told the . ‘It’s not like I said, “Oh, I don’t ever want to do that again.” I loved every moment. It was that I wanted to do other things.

‘And when we got into real talks about the reboot, I had just started on the Julia TV show and was working on a musical and going to do another musical, not this one.

David Hyde Pierce played Niles Crane to perfection in Frasier (Picture: CBS)

‘And I just thought, “I don’t want to be committed to a show and not be able to do stuff like this.”

‘And I also thought, “They don’t actually need me.” Frasier has moved on to a new world. They have new characters. And I think I’m right. It’s doing great. And the new people they have are great.’

While David and Jane did not appear in the Paramount+ episodes, some of their of reuniting with Kelsey.

Bebe Neuwirth joined in with the chaos in an instalment in the middle of the season, effortlessly reprising her role as Frasier’s ex-wife, Lilith Sternin.

David revealed that he wouldn’t be reprising his role alongside Kelsey Grammer (Picture: CBS)

Peri Gilpin made an all-too-brief cameo as Roz Doyle in the finale, making the trip to Boston to spend Christmas with her former colleague.

When we last saw Roz, she was promoted to the role of KACL station manager, remaining in Seattle while her best pal jetted out to Chicago to pursue a romance with Charlotte (Laura Linney).

Spilling the beans on jumping back into Roz’s shoes after years, the actress teased the possibility of returning again in the future.

Peri Gilpin recently made a cameo as Roz (Picture: Paramount+)

‘It was fun to revisit and felt really good. I wasn’t expecting it not to be, but I really was surprised at how great it felt to be there again,’ she told The Wrap.

‘I genuinely love this character. So I would love to do it [again]. It just depends on what happens next.’

We need to make this happen immediately!

Frasier is available to stream on Paramount+ now.