Demi Moore had to ‘let go’ of Bruce Willis to cope with dementia diagnosis
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 31
Bruce Willis was diagnosed with FTD last year (Picture: Getty)

Demi Moore has shared a poignant message to fans on how she is coping amid ex-husband Bruce Willis’ devastating battle with frontotemporal dementia.

The actor, 68, previously to focus on his health, after struggling with aphasia.

Last year, his loved ones announced that – which impacts behavior and language – and they have since rallied around the Hollywood icon, while also raising awareness of the condition.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, Demi, who shares daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout with her former partner,.

When asked whether she has a message for others in similar situations, or who may have loved ones facing the same symptoms, the 61-year-old told host Andy Cohen: ‘I think the most important thing I could share is just to meet them where they’re at.

‘When you let go of who they’ve been, or who you think they [should be], or who even you would like them to be, you can then really stay in the present and take in the joy, and the love, that is present and there for all that they are, not all that they’re not.’

Unpacking this further in a subsequent interview on , she continued: ‘I think, given the [circumstances], he’s doing very well.

‘What I’ll share is what I say to my children – it’s important to just meet them where they’re at and not hold on to what isn’t, but what is.

‘Because there’s great beauty and sweetness, and loving and joy out of that.’

The family have rallied around the Hollywood icon since his diagnosis (Picture: Getty)

Demi married Bruce in 1987, and they went on before announcing their split in 1998.

Their divorce was finalized in 2000, but they have maintained a close friendship for the sake of their family – and the Ghost actress also has a strong bond with his current wife, Emma Heming Willis.

The family have had a tough few years as they initially shared the news of Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis in 2022, explaining that he would be ending his film career for the sake of his health.

In February of last year, they posted a lengthy joint statement, confirming that he had since been diagnosed with FTD – an ‘uncommon’ form of the disease that causes the sufferer problems with behavior and language.

Bruce took a back seat from the spotlight to focus on his health (Picture: Getty)

Although there are currently no treatments for the condition, they have all used their platforms to raise as much awareness as possible for other sufferers.

Tallulah recently appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show where she touched on why they had decided to be so honest about her dad’s illness.

‘Well, I think it’s two-fold. On one hand, it’s who we are as a family, but also, it’s really important for us to spread awareness about FTD,’ she told the host.

‘If we can take something that we’re struggling with as a family, and individually, to help other people, to turn it around to make something beautiful about it, that’s really special for us.

‘Part of what’s been a really beautiful way for me to heal through this is becoming an archeologist to my dad’s stuff, his world, his little trinkets and doodads.’

Discussing how his health is now, Tallulah added: ‘He is the same, which I think in this regard I’ve learned is the best thing you can ask for.

‘I see love when I’m with him. It’s my dad and he loves me, which is really special.’