Disney Plus hit with backlash for cancelling show with 94% Rotten Tomatoes score
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 08
Disney Plus has come under fire for cancelling the series American Born Chinese (Picture: Disney Plus)

Plus has left fans the American Born Chinese.

The fantasy action-comedy series follows teenager Jin Wang (Ben Wang), who is struggling to fit in with his peers.

When he is tasked with showing new exchange student Wei-Chen (Jimmy Liu) around, he is unexpectedly thrust into a battle between mythical Chinese gods, including Sun Wukong (Daniel Wu) and Guanyin ().

Based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name, the eight-episode series hit screens in May last year was , holding a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, after the streaming service pulled the plug after just one season.

According to , the decision to cancel the series came down to viewership, with the numbers ‘not justifying’ a renewal.

It premiered in May last year (Picture: Disney Plus)

After the news was revealed, many viewers took to social media to express their disappointment.

‘American Born Chinese getting cancelled by Disney really pi**es me off. A show with a great story, fantastic cast and awesome fight choreography should be getting a lot more views,’ Nathan Siomos posted on X.

It starred Ke Huy Quan, as well as Michelle Yeoh (Picture: Disney Plus)

‘I seriously hope that whatever streamer this series gets shopped to will give it the marketing and respect it deserves.

‘It’s ridiculous that a show this good THAT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER can’t be continued because Disney themselves doesn’t know how to tell people to watch it.’

He went on to write that Disney needed to ‘up its game’ when it came to marketing certain shows.

Fans have slammed the streaming service for not promoting it enough (Picture: Disney Plus)

‘American Born Chinese cancelled by Disney?! The marketing for a show with two Oscar winners + Daniel Wu…was NON existent. This show was a fun watch! Sad to see Disney completely ignore and not promote their show and then cancel it,’ someone else shared.

Another added the show ‘did not deserve to get cancelled’ and then hit out at Disney.

‘It makes me not want to bother investing my time in Disney Plus shows when they’re just going to get cancelled before completion,’ they wrote.

However, there’s a chance the show might still be saved, with Variety suggesting producers are planning to take it to other streaming services and broadcasters in the hope of continuing the series.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Disney Plus for comment.

American Born Chinese is streaming on Disney Plus.