Dominic West exorcised his ‘poltergeist’ from London house by throwing a kids party
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 06

Dominic West just told a very calm story of that little time his house was . No biggy. But it gets weirder.

The Crown actor, 54, seems to be a as he just told the wildest story we’ve ever heard on The Show.

followed with an equally creepy tale, but more on that later.

Never buy a 1700s house in Hoxton, kids, because you might be in for a big surprise.

‘I had an old house in Hoxton which was 1700 or something,’ the torch-on-face tale began from Dominic, who also starred in The Wire after portraying King Charles in the Netflix hit series.

‘It was an office and it was empty for five years or something and it had a derelict thing at the back,’ he added of the doer-upper.

Dominic West has just told a very strange story indeed (Picture: BBC)
Michelle Keegan looked shocked – and we don’t blame her (Picture: BBC)

‘I remember thinking, when you see a ruin like that you think it’s lovely. But then you come along an ruin it,’ the actor explained to fellow sofa guests Michelle Keegan, Chatty Man Alan, and Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson.

‘This house was a bit off,’ added Dominic. But no one was expecting what came next.

‘It had a poltergeist, it was 300 years old and next to a plague pit in Hoxton where they used to bury people 20-deep.

‘My friend was there and stuff was flying around.’

Coronation Street star Michelle asked what everyone was thinking, ‘Did you see anything there?’ to which he replied: ‘I didn’t but it always had a weird feeling to it, and I went away and his friend moved in. His friend was a vicar and the poltergeist started chucking stuff around.’

So, naturally Dominic set about staging an exorcism. As you do. He explained all this very calmly, as the Game Of Thrones actor pointed out, to laughter from the audience.

He explained the bizarre experience on The Graham Norton Show (Picture: BBC)

‘So I then looked into exorcising it. Anyway, it all worked out. It’s still there. I didn’t tell the guy who bought it off me. Hopefully he’s not watching,’ he joked.

‘I looked into exorcism, and it’s a real thing. It’s quite the process and you have to look into the history of the whole house and work out who might be the unsettled spirit.

‘Then you go to the catholic church and the bishop has to approve everything, and there’s a whole office in the Vatican that does all this.

‘And this guy was advising and said, “Or you just have a kids party. Just get a load of kids in there and it settles the spirit and cheers everything up. One of the kids’ heads might spin around, but that’s fine,”‘ he joked.

But no, seriously.

‘So we just had a couple of parties. And it worked. So that’s how you exorcise a house. Chuck the kids in there,’ he concluded.

But then Alan piped up with a truly unexpected tale (Picture: BBC)

Gobsmacked, everyone was only just processing Dominic’s wild paranormal experience when Alan chimed in with his own story.

‘My house was haunted. We had things flying around in the house that we did up,’ he said.

‘We were filming a piece to camera and I said, “Will you stop turning those lights on and off”,’ he remembered, but the lights kept on flickering.

‘Then a bottle of wine threw off the wine rack,’ he added, casually.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg of Alan’s story, as he then revealed he was once outed by a ouija board… to his mother. Yes, you read that right.

‘I do believe in this because, did you know I got outed by a ouija board? Have I ever told you this?’ he asked.

Graham fell about in baffled laughter, as Alan continued: ‘Me and my mum would do the ouija board when my dad was away. And I said, “Is there anyone there?” They said, “Yes.” I said, “Do you have a message for us?”

‘They said, “HOMO!”‘ revealed Alan to the stunned audience, as he mimicked the board spelling out the letters, H, O, M, O.

‘Thankfully my mum can’t read,’ he concluded.

Anyone else?

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