Dr Ranj Singh believes dropping This Morning bombshells impacted career
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 15, 2023 - 05:36AM
Dr Ranj Singh appeared on This Morning for a decade (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

has said he believes raising concerns about fostering a has impacted his career.

The 44-year-old and suggested that .

boss Dame Carolyn McCall later said in a letter to read and added an external review ‘found no evidence of bullying or discrimination.’

Reflecting on his decision to inform ITV executives about alleged toxicity, Dr Ranj said: ‘It’s my job to say something and say, look, things aren’t quite right and now we need to do something about this.’

Asked whether he would change his approach, Dr Ranj replied: ‘The only real difference is when I think to myself should I have just shut up? Should I have just shut up and got on with it like everyone else.’

BBC journalist Rob Adcock also questioned Dr Ranj on his upcoming six-part series Imposter Syndrome if that conversation had impacted his career.

However, he departed the show in 2021 after raising concerns with bosses (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

‘I think so,’ Dr Ranj responded.

Speaking about his time on This Morning, Dr Ranj recalled he was ‘invested’ in the show and would often work a night shift and go straight back into the studio in the morning because he ‘loved it so much.’

He continued: ‘And then I was doing stuff behind the scenes as well because I felt passionately about so many of the values that we were doing across the Channel. So diversity and pride stuff, you know, anti-bullying stuff. When it went away it was really painful.

He then claimed he was ‘managed out’ after the conversation (Picture: ITV/REX)

​​’When you lose something you really care about you grieve for it right? So I think there’s always going to be that sense of grief there for a while.

​​’For me it was the culture that had developed in many ways about the way people were being treated and being made to feel, and it wasn’t good for people’s mental health.

​​’Yeah, I felt bullied at times.’

A further review conducted by barrister Jane Mulcahy was commissioned to establish the facts around host Phillip Schofield’s resignation after he admitted to lying about an affair with a This Morning runner.

The report also investigated the daytime show’s culture, with Mulcahy stating that for the period under review there was no finding of a ‘toxic’ culture.

Since departing This MOrning in 2021, Dr Ranj appeared in a one-off West End musical, based on his own life, called Scrubs to Sparkles, after he performed on TV show All Star Musicals.

Dr Ranj believes his TV career was impacted due to speaking out about This Morning (Picture: Getty)

From August to November 2021, he hosted the TV series Extreme Food Phobics, in which applicants would come to cure their food phobias.

Dr Ranj also featured in an episode of The Horne Section TV Show, from Taskmaster’s Alex Horne, and regularly features on BBC’s Morning Live.

Metro.co.uk has contacted ITV for comment.

Imposter Syndrome is a six-part series with BBC News and will be available onBBC iPlayer from December 15.