Drag Race UK season 4 fans in shock after Baby makes surprise decision to quit competition: ‘I need to go home and take care of myself’
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 21, 2022 - 05:20AM
Fans are extraordinarily sad to see Baby go (Picture: BBC Three)

Warning: spoilers ahead for RuPaul’s season 4 episode 5.

On the latest episode of , one queen made the shock decision to cut their time in the competition short by leaving the show of their own accord.

The fifth episode of season 4 saw the eight remaining contestants take part in the Mary Poppins-inspired Rusical, aptly named ‘Lairy Musical’, complete with a bird-human hybrid and a character inspired by a cockroach.

Following the musical-inspired runway – which was also watched by guest judge – RuPaul announced that Baby and Dakota Schiffer would be going up against each other in the lip sync for their lives in a bid to stay in the running for the crown.

After performing the lip sync to No Way from the Tudor-inspired West End hit Six, Baby raised their hand before RuPaul could announce who would be sent home.

Taking their fate into their own hands, Baby told the room: ‘I’m extremely grateful for being here but I think, I need to go home and take care of myself.’

Baby revealed on the episode that they’d been ‘struggling a lot’ (Picture: BBC Three)
They survived the lip sync against close friend Sminty last week (Picture: BBC Three)

Head judge RuPaul responded to the 25-year-old’s announcement gracefully by saying: ‘I respect that. Baby, I love you. We all love you. Take care of yourself and remember what I told you. Now, sashay away.’

Earlier on in the episode while receiving their feedback from the judges, the London-based performer had opened up about how they’d been struggling mentally as of late.

Having become tearful when judge Michelle Visage was praising their makeup for their & Juliet-inspired runway look, Baby said: ‘I’ve been struggling a lot, mentally being here. I have anxiety and I’ve been really trying to dig myself out of that badly, but I’m having a bit of a tough time. I know that I’m capable of doing this.’

‘You’re excellent. You clearly have what it takes,’ RuPaul told the queen.

Ted Lasso star Hannah told Baby that they should feel ‘good’ about themselves (Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage)

‘I’ve been in this seat for many years and I’ve seen a lot of girls express the exact same emotion. It’s not easy. I found over the years that I’ve had to make friends with my saboteur.’

Ted Lasso star Hannah, who sat alongside fellow judges Michelle, RuPaul and Alan Carr, tried to boost Baby’s spirits during the runway critiques by telling them: ‘I want you to feel really good about yourself because I feel like you don’t feel it at the moment.’

After announcing their decision to exit the series, Baby said they feel ‘so relieved and so proud’ of themselves.

The London queen made a strong impression on the show (Picture: BBC/World of Wonder/Guy Levy)

‘I feel like everything I wanted to show here I have but it’s time to go. The sisterhood in the Werk Room has been like nothing I have ever experienced. I know that these girls are my friends for life,’ they said.

They also wrote in their goodbye message on the Werk Room mirror: ‘Hands up say “bye Baby” but not for long. Love you all. XOXO.’

Speaking further on their decision, Baby stressed that it wasn’t an ‘easy’ choice to make.

‘I don’t really like to quit or give up, but at that time, I knew it was the best decision for me,’ they said.

‘I was struggling with my anxiety, and I know I needed to prioritise my wellbeing, and the best way to do that was to leave the competition but I’m so proud I was able to have the opportunity to show my art and my heart.’

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK returns next Thursday at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

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