Dua Lipa axes music video over Israel-Hamas war after emergency meetings
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 31, 2023 - 02:10AM
Dua Lipa has reportedly scrapped a music video over sensitivity fears around the Israel-Hamas war (Picture: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

’s planned music video has been shelved over fears it would be insensitive amid the ongoing conflict in .

The , had filmed a music video which was due to be released next year in the lead-up to , after the success of .

Dua’s, before the brutal attack on by on October 7, with an ongoing siege of Gaza where the death toll is said to have reached over 20,000.

But her team worry the content of the video, which is said to include explosions, car crashes, destruction and crowds fighting, amid the ongoing war.

The big-budget video, which included hundreds of extras, was scrapped following a series of emergency meetings between Dua and her team.

A source told that while the ‘video was playful’ it contained ‘themes of chaos, including car crashes, demolition, explosions, fireworks and crowds fighting.’

The Houdini singer filmed the video in August (Picture: Getty Images for Permanent Press Media)
It’s said to include chaos, explosions, crashes and fights, which her team found would not be right amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza (Picture: AFP)

‘Dua and her team decided that it would be insensitive for the video to come out given what has happened on and since October 7.’

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The decision comes after other projects shot before the war stoked up fury when it was released.

In November,  apologised for an advert in which party hats that were the same colours as the  flag were thrown into the fire.

The advert encouraged people to do away with Christmas traditions that no longer brought them joy, and the green, silver and red hats burning in a grate caused huge anger online.

M&S apologised for any ‘unintentional hurt’ caused and removed the post, while noting the advert was filmed in August.

The video was scrapped after a series of emergency meetings (Picture: WireImage)

Dua has previously spoken about the war in Gaza with a statement to Instagram in October, where she wrote: ‘With each passing day, my heart aches for the people of Israel and ­Palestine.

‘Grief for the lives lost in the horrifying attacks in Israel. Grief as I witness the unprecedented suffering in Gaza, where 2.2 million souls, half of them ­children, endure unimaginable hardships.

‘For now, I desperately hope for a ceasefire in Gaza and urge governments to halt the unfolding crisis.

‘Our hope lies in finding the empathy to recognise this dire humanitarian situation.’

Reps for Dua have been contacted for comment.