Dubai floods leave Joey Essex and James Argent stranded in deep water
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 18
Joey Essex and James ‘Arg’ Argent navigated the flooded roads in order to get home (Picture: Joey Essex / Instagram)

and James ‘Arg’ Argent were left stranded in Dubai after the desert city experienced the heaviest rainfall ever recorded.

The TV stars who rose to fame on The Only Way Is were stranded when a on Tuesday, causing complete chaos.

In 24 hours, the 5.59 inches of rainfall in the city caused flooding and debris to cover vital roads and runways in airports, leaving the celeb pair struggling to find a taxi to help them get home.

Joey, 33, claimed he and Arg, 36, ‘decided to hitchhike after hours of trying to get back home.’

The video posted by the showed him saying ‘hitchhiking, we have no choice.’ In the video, Arg, who recently revealed he was , stuck out his arm to try and hail a cab on a flooded road.

The next snap showed the pair roaming the flooded streets with the caption ‘After hours of looking for a taxi and hitchhiking on the streets of Dubai.

‘We have now decided to take the next step… operation survival.’

Arg could be seen fruitlessly trying to hail a cab (Picture: Joey Essex / Instagram)
The reality TV star rolled up his trousers to walk the flooded streets (Picture: Joey Essex / Instagram)

Opting to save his fresh white trainers, Joey rolled up his trousers and walked through the submerged streets with bare feet.

Joey could be heard shouting: ‘Nah, nah this ain’t even funny mate.

‘Dubai, what the f**k.’

Joey has been in the public eye since he joined Towie in 2011 for season 2 (Picture: Joey Essex / Instagram)

put his £3 million Essex mansion on the market last year and it is thought that he has now moved to Dubai permanently. 

A source told at the time, ‘Joey has started house-hunting in Dubai. He is planning to buy a base out there so he can jet off whenever he likes.

‘Joey will be splitting his time between his home in Essex and his new place in Dubai.

‘He loves the lifestyle out there and feels completely safe.’

James and Joey both appeared on several reality TV shows (Picture: Joey Essex / Instagram)

Across Dubai the adverse weather has been affecting people across the city as walls and ceilings have been collapsing and flooding has affected nearly every mode of transport in and around the city. 

Reports from the heard of Dubai Mall being under threat of collapse and cars being abandoned on flooded roads that have become unusable.

While the storm and torrential rain may have stopped, the aftermath of the storm will continue for a long time as the city gets back on its feet.