Elden Ring wins Game of the Year at The Game Awards – DLC hints and Bill Clinton stage invasion
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 09, 2022 - 06:44AM
That guy did not help to make Elden Ring (pic: The Game Awards)

From Software has ‘several more things’ it wants to do with , as it announces its next game will be mech sim Armored Core 6.

Before the success of Elden Ring, FromSoftware were still only a cult developer, but now that they’re responsible for the identity of their next game is a much bigger deal than it ever would have been before.

The decision on what to make next would have been taken long before Elden Ring’s release and has to be a new Armored Core game, the ultra serious mech simulator series that Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki worked on before he created Dark Souls.

There’s little similarity between Armored Core and the Soulsborne games, although if anything Armored Core is even more grim and gritty – and usually very difficult.

The announcement trailer certainly sets a tone, with seemingly everything in the game being painted in 50 shades of grey – although the graphics in general were a significant upgrade on the last entry, 2013’s Xbox 360 era game .

As welcome as the announcement was, what everyone was really hoping for was news of Elden Ring story DLC, which there’s been no official hint of up till now.

However, when taking the stage to accept the award for Game of the Year, Miyazaki stated that he had ‘Several more things we want to do’ with Elden Ring.

It’s hard not to take this as confirmation of more DLC to come, although technically it could be relatively minor things like this week’s free .

He also stated that he wants to ‘create even more interesting games’ in the future, although there was no clue as to what that might be referring to.

Elden Ring beat God Of War Ragnarök, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Horizon Forbidden West, Stray, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the Game of the Year award, which seems well deserved in our view.

God Of War won six awards overall, including Best Narrative and Best Action Adventure, but Elden Ring also picked up Best Game Direction, Best Art Direction, and Best Role-Playing Game.

Who is the little guy and why was he going on about Bill Clinton? (pic: The Game Awards)

Fans will no doubt argue over some of those awards but in the end the most controversial moment of the night was when some random weirdo appeared on stage, behind Miyazaki and co., in order to thank ‘my reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton’.

He originally appeared from a completely different section of the crowd to FromSoftware, in what was a major lapse in security, so it was a good job he appeared to be mostly harmless.

According to presenter Geoff Keighley the stage invader was promptly arrested, but there’s currently no clue as to who he was.

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