Ella Baig shares C-section scar and opens up on son’s pronouns days after welcoming baby with Nicola Adams
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 19
The two mums are living in a love bubble (Picture: Getty/Instagram)

Ella Baig has opened up about life as a new mother after welcoming her first child with .

The couple on July 11, with former star Nicola sharing that she was ‘overwhelmed with love and proud of Ella’.

Model Ella, 24, and her boxer girlfriend, 39, have had plenty of ups and downs on their pregnancy journey, with Ella suffering a miscarriage following IVF treatment.

But now, they’re living in a love bubble and says their first week as parents has been ‘incredible’.

Ella – – got candid about her birth experience and C-section on social media, admitting that the procedure ‘went even smoother than I expected’.

‘It was calm, the staff, were amazing and I recovered quickly,’ she wrote in an Instagram Q&A alongside a picture of the scar across her stomach.

The boxing star and model started dating in 2018 (Picture: WireImage/Karwai Tang)

Offering reassurance to her followers, Ella added: ‘I think the problem is we’re told birth is just hard and painful and long, which it can be, but it doesn’t always have to be and you should listen to your gut if you think something is wrong.’

Nicola – – and Ella are keeping their baby’s name private for the time being, but have shared his pronouns, prompting curiosity from fans after the couple set up an Instagram account for their newborn with the pronouns ‘he/they’.

‘Why is there many different pronouns for your baby?’, a follower asked, to which Ella replied: ‘Just he and they until he decides otherwise’, accompanied by a sweet snap of their baby’s finger wrapped around her’s.

Ella opened up about her C-section and recovery (Picture: Instagram/Ella Baig)
The new mum can’t believe how quickly she’s recovering (Picture: Instagram/Ella Baig)

Elsewhere in her Q&A session, Ella – who is breastfeeding and pumping so both mums can do feeds – spoke about her recovery, sharing that she’s felt ‘great’ after the operation and she’s ‘shocked at how fast I’m recovering’.

‘I wasn’t in a rush but I do just heal fast and I’m young and healthy too. Didn’t realise peeing would feel like someone was squeezing my bladder and the shooting pains you get round the incision aren’t fun either, but we move haha’, she wrote.

When quizzed on who their son ‘looks more like’, Ella responded that he is ‘definitely’ Nicola’s ‘double’ since she’s the ‘biological mum’.

Baby Adams has both he and they pronouns for now (Picture: Instagram/Ella Baig)
Ella carried their pregnancy while Nicola’s egg was used (Picture: Instagram/Ella Baig)

‘I’m the birth mum so he can’t really look like me even though lots of people say he does’.

Sporting legend Nicola and Ella in February 2022, after what they said felt like a ‘lifetime’ of trying.

Nicola revealed that they had been trying for three years to have a baby using her egg and a sperm donor who resembles Ella.

Finally able to share their little arrival with the world last week, Nicola – who was the first woman to win a gold medal for boxing – told : ‘We can’t wait to start this new chapter with baby Adams.’

They were laterat St Mary’s Hospital with the newborn, with Nicola writing: ‘Can’t believe it, it’s official me and @ella.baig are parents now 😆 @babyadamsadventures can’t wait to get you home 👶🏽🙌🏾 ❤️ #twomums #babyboy’.