Escape to the Country has last-minute entry into best TV opening of 2023
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 31, 2023 - 02:10AM

Celebrity helped and the start of the episode.

Host Alistair Appleton had to and took the opportunity to deliver some pretty iconic lines on Friday evening’s episode.

Firstly he asked viewers to answer his trivia question: ‘Pop quiz, how many times has the UK won the

We didn’t have to wait long, as Alistair, excitedly held up five fingers and announced the number.

He continued: ‘Of course, as a gay man I know but most people could only name one.’

In case you’re notas Alistair it’s been Sandie Shaw with Puppet on a String in 1967, Lulu with Boom Bang-a-Bang in 1969 (which was a four-way tie), Brotherhood of Man with Save Your Kisses for Me in 1976, and most recently Katrina and the Waves with Love Shine a Light in 1997.

Alistair introduced the episode beautifully (Picture: BBC)

But Alistair reckons most people just remember the artists who took the top spot in 1981 with Making Your Mind Up.

‘That is Buck’s Fizz with that amazing twwwwww-,’ he announced as he mimicked lifting up a skirt with the beautiful British countryside behind him. ‘Skirt rip,’ he added.

He is of course referring to how Cheryl and Jay Ashton (who also joined them for the search) had their long skirts ripped off by Bobby G and Mike Nolan to reveal shorter versions as part of their Eurovision choreography.

Bucks Fizz won Eurovision in 1981 (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)
Alistair demonstrated the move (Picture: BBC)

Alistair then informed viewers that Cheryl alongside her musician husband Steve Stroud were looking for help on their ‘escape to the country.’

We’re going to need Alistair to clear his schedule and be in charge of introducing every celebrity on TV forever and also us whenever we enter a room.

The sequence was spotted by TV critic Scott Bryan who shared the clip and wrote: ‘This is the greatest opening a television show this year.’

It appears other X, formerly Twitter, users were in agreement with him. Mike Lawrence wrote: ‘This did make me chuckle.’

‘Always had rather a soft spot for him,’ added Liam Sims.

Cheryl and Steve were looking for a new home (Picture: BBC)

After viewing a few properties Cheryl, 69, and Steve finally found their possible dream home in East Sussex’s Herstmonceux.

They ended the show by telling Alistair he’d been successful as they were ‘already making plans’ to go round for a second viewing of the ‘amazing’ house.

However, Cheryl revealed it was much smaller than their current Kent abode and she was worried about where she’d store all her stage costumes. We’d be more than happy to take a few off her hands for Metro HQ.

Also taking part in Celebrity Escape to the Country are Strictly Come Dancing starsJanette Manrara and Aljaž Škorjanec, actor Christopher Biggins, Jenny Ryan -you may know her as The Vixen on The Chase, and television personality Dr Ranj.

Celebrity Escape to the Country is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.