Ethan Keiser: Who Is He? Meet Viral Big Brain On TikTok
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Ethan Keiser: Who Is He? Meet Viral Big Brain On TikTok

Ethan Keiser is a well-known artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiast on Tiktok. On his page, he has over 1.2 million followers, and he is well-known for sharing technical content with them.

The social media personality gained widespread attention in 2021 after releasing a Tiktok video in which she discussed the possibility of reporting strippers to the Internal Revenue Service. He also alleged that he was dismissed after making such accusations, while strippers indicated that Keiser’s film made the abuse they suffer much worse. He also stated that he was fired after making such claims.

Keiser boasted to the 840,000 followers he had at the time in his original videos that he was earning $60,000 per month by “snitching” on dancers who flaunted their TikTok profits by filling out IRS whistleblower forms. Keiser was earning this money by “snitching” on dancers who flaunted their TikTok profits.

Ethan Keiser

Who Is Ethan Keiser Aka Big Brain On TikTok?

On Tiktok, Ethan Keiser has become an internet phenomenon thanks to his videos. He has a great deal of experience in the field of IOS engineering, which is his specialty.

Drexel University granted Keiser an undergraduate degree. Artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction are two of his primary areas of expertise.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Keiser is a tech lead at a technology company that has not been identified. Before this, he was an IOS manager at Morgan Stanley and worked as a Software Engineer Manager for CISCO. Prior to that, he also worked for CISCO.

In the beginning of his professional life, he worked as a software engineer for ECFMG. In addition, he is the inventor of StudyTree, a specialised online learning platform.

His former employer, CISCO, fired him in 2021 on the grounds that he put the safety of his colleagues in peril by making comments about strippers. CISCO’s allegations were based on the fact that Keiser had mocked strippers. On the other hand, the corporation declined to comment on the reason behind Keiser’s departure.

In the meantime, the community of strippers on Tiktok, also known as “StripTok,” has stated that the number of rants directed towards them has increased since Keiser’s accusations.

In order to gain entry to clubs all across Miami, he published a video to YouTube on December 2, 2020, in which he demonstrated how he had used his Parallel Live app to trick club staff into believing he was live streaming to thousands of followers and wanted to promote their location.

Is Ethan Keiser Married? His Wife Details

On Ethan Keiser’s TikTok, several different women have made guest appearances. However, it is not quite apparent which one of them is his active wife or girlfriend at this time.

The IOS engineer blogged on May 2020 about how he was simultaneously dating 5,391 ladies in the city of New York at the same time. In the video, he discussed the pros and cons of using an automated online dating service.

In a similar vein, the social media celebrity has not revealed any information about his romantic life on his Instagram account. On the platform, he is known by the handle @itsethankeiser and has a total of 67,4 thousand followers.

At the moment, Keiser’s headquarters can be found in Miami, Florida. In relation to his mother and other members of his family, he published a photograph of her on July 26, 2019.

Ethan Keiser

Ethan Keiser’s Net Worth In 2022

As of the year 2022, Ethan Keiser has a net worth that is greater than $200,000.

The IOS developer had reportedly been making $60,000 per month by filling out IRS whistleblower papers, as reported by The Insider. His salary are reported to be around $120,000 per year, and he is also a technical lead.


His itsethankeiser TikTok account has gained 1 million followers and 19 million likes. He has been written about by Rolling Stone and the LA Wire. On December 2, 2020, he posted a video on YouTube showing how he has used his Parallel Live app to gain access to clubs throughout Miami by tricking the staff into thinking he was livestreaming to thousands of followers and wanted to showcase their establishment.

Family Life

He posted a photo of his mother on July 26, 2019.

Associated With

He posted a video in which he takes actions towards a woman that he says Joe Goldberg would be proud of. Joe, is the main character from You, played by Penn Badgley.