Euphoria star Chloe Cherry says family were ‘really mean’ about her being a sex worker having being taught ‘abstinence is key’
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 14
Chloe plays the role of heroin addict Faye in Euphoria (Picture: HBO)

star Chloe Cherry has opened up about how her family reacted to her career as a sex worker, recalling how they were initially ‘really mean’ about her choice of profession.

In season two of the critically-acclaimed drama, Chloe was introduced as a new character called Faye, the girlfriend of Custer (Tyler Chase), a drug supplier who works with Fez (Angus Cloud).

Chloe’s TV acting debut in Euphoria came , having moved to Miami from Lancaster, Pennsylvania when she was 18 years old to become a porn actor, originally known as Chloe Couture.

During a recent interview, the 24-year-old explained that when she was at school, she was taught that ‘abstinence is key and all this weird stuff’, and so ‘I had these weird ideas about sex’.

Speaking to Nick Viall, the host of The Viall Files , she explained that her parents didn’t understand her choice to work in the porn industry at first.

‘They kind of didn’t really get it until after a while. They just didn’t get it at all until I was actually successful in it and once they saw me really working in it and really supporting myself and being happy. Then they were like, “OK.” But it took a while,’ she said.

Chloe said she used to have a ‘bunch’ of sugar daddies (Picture: David M Benett/Getty Images)

However, she also added that her family were ‘really, really mean at first’.

‘You think society is mean to sex workers, sometimes their own family is way worse and it took a while for them to really realize what they were doing and that they were participating in whorephobia,’ she stated.

‘Which is just basically because somebody is a sex worker you [think] you can treat them poorly, like they deserve less.’

Chloe also recalled how she used to have ‘a bunch’ of sugar daddies, sharing how some of them have remained friends of hers to this day.

‘Having a sugar daddy is kind of like dating except you’re dating for different reasons because they are providing something for you, so you’re dating based off of what they’re providing for you,’ she outlined.

‘Having a sugar daddy taught me a level of acceptance of treatment. I will never again accept a guy that doesn’t want to at least try to take care of me in some way or be chivalrous in some way.’

Euphoria is available to watch on Sky and NOW.