Ex TV star ‘arrested over attempted murder using chocolate’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 03
TV fitness expert Jody Bunting claimed he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder (Picture: DerbyshireLive/BPM)

A former star has claimed he was arrested on suspicion of , due to chocolate.

Jody Bunting, who appeared on between 2001 and 2002, and now works as a fitness instructor, was arrested at Airport after returning from holiday.

It’s been claimed this came after an incident in October, when a colleague from the leisure club he works at to chocolate and was rushed to intensive care.

Bunting, who denies the allegations, is being accused of planting the chocolate on purpose.

‘I was in shock, being arrested in front of a friend and then being paraded around Luton Airport in cuffs,’ he said.

Bunting added that members of the gym had ‘warned’ him this ‘may happen’ but he was still ‘shocked’ that local police officers came to London.

Bunting appeared on The Big Breakfast between 2001 and 2002 (Picture: DerbyshireLive/BPM)

‘The custody sergeant did ask if I could still do my high kicks as he’d Googled me and realised who I was,’ he went on to .

Bunting, 45, explained to the publication that he’s been bailed on the condition of not speaking to members of staff at the leisure centre, and that the incident has motivated him ‘to not work for anyone else again’.

He went on: ‘I am just focusing on the future and hoping I get the ‘no further action’ letter from the police any day now. The hardest thing is what to tell the members who have contacted me.’

‘When I tell people it’s over a piece of chocolate, they actually laugh out loud,’ Bunting said (Picture: Facebook)

Bunting added: ‘When I tell people it’s over a piece of chocolate, they actually laugh out loud, which is even more amusing because of my slimming work and past.’

He claimed he has not yet heard from Derbyshire Police about any developments since his arrest in November.

Bunting hosted Lose It with Jody on The Big Breakfast as well as appearing as a fitness instructor and weight loss expert on the likes of GB News.

Metro.co.uk has approached Derbyshire Police and Mickleover Court Hotel Leisure Club for comment.