Fans go into a frenzy as Hwasa seats front row alongside Anne Hathaway at the Valentino Haute Couture Show.
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 10

Fans go into a frenzy as Hwasa seats front row alongside Anne Hathaway at the Valentino Haute Couture Show.

Hwasa and Anne Hathaway

The internet is ablaze after Anne Hathaway and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa had an unexpected contact. At the Valentino fashion show in Rome, the two were spotted front row together.

It was appropriate that the talented K-pop idol sat first row with well-known actress Anne Hathaway as she was one of the most well-liked celebs at the fashion show. Fans reasoned that the sitting arrangement must have been pre-planned because they were wearing identical heels and matching pink Valentino clothing.

Along with Anna Wintour and Anne Hathaway, who were recently in the news for spending time with BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Hwasa attended the 2022 Valentino “The Beginning” Fall-Winter 2022/2023 Haute Couture collection show.

At the event, the singer was repeatedly photographed, but she didn’t seem to mind. Despite this being the idol’s first time attending a fashion show, she strode about Rome’s streets with confidence while highlighting her all-pink Valentino outfit.

In Italy, the Maria singer wowed spectators while wearing only pink clothing. Fans were worried about the singer’s poise because of her dangerously high stiletto pumps, yet she was the picture of sophistication.

The singer’s first solo fashion presentation in Rome, Italy, was for Valentino. Later, she was seen walking across Europe’s streets wearing two buns and sweatpants.

The singer showcased her outfit—a pink sequined minidress with roses, pink leggings, and pink chunky high heels—in a carousel image on Instagram with the remark, “Deep echoes in my heart,” after the event. The pink Valentino handbag was the ideal complement.

Fans were startled and pleased by the singer’s debut at fashion week, and they left a long list of kind words for the LMM singer.

The two appeared to be wearing matching shoes, which makes sense given that Valentino is likely to have styled them.

At the performance, Anne Hathaway was spotted wearing a related pink outfit. The actor was spotted wearing a monochromatic little dress with full sequins in the house’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which was unveiled in March. In addition, Anne Hathaway carried a little Roman Stud shoulder bag from the same brand as her sky-high platform shoes from Va